Book Blitz - Excerpt & Giveaway - Alien Love: Ella & Krian by Vera E. Unita

Alien Love: Ella & Krian 
by Vera E. Unita 
Publication date: October 1st 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction


Mischief and lies brought us together but as soon as I learn the truth, I promise to help her.
She is mine now and everyone, who ever hurt her, will feel my wrath.

My people are dying. We won the war against the Rakes but they poisoned our water and one after another our females died.
We searched the solar system for a compatible species, humans piqued our interest. As King of Krotan it is my duty to test our scientist’s theory. Thanks to the matchmaking agency Alien Kinka tiny human called Ella Bellini comes to Krotan. Something feels off, though…

I was kidnapped, f*cking kidnapped.
When I realize that I have been sold to planet Krotan, home to an infamous warrior people, I didn’t expect to be put into a luxurious suite. And I really didn’t expect my tall, overly muscled captor to look confused, when he comes for me in the night and I fight him with everything I’ve got. What did he expect? That I wanted to be here with him?
Problem is, we don’t understand each other. But he stopped, that’s everything that counts. Perhaps the sexy as hell alien will even help me, once we find a way to communicate? 
Every book in the series can be read as a standalone, HEA guaranteed! This fast and steamy romance is intended for adult readers—have fun!
Only 99¢!
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“We’re never going to fit.” With widened eyes, I backed away one step. Also…were there nubs on his shaft? Oh my! My pussy clenched when I imagined having him inside me. Biting down on my lower lip, I stared at his magnificent cock. I couldn’t resist. When I got on my knees before him, I glanced up at him and noticed the confused look in his eyes. Inwardly I giggled—had he never been blown before? Well, if I couldn’t have him inside me, I would at least enjoy bringing him release with my mouth. I had always loved giving pleasure in that way because hearing a man begging for more made you feel damn powerful.
Smiling, I licked his crown. His whole body jerked, at once his hands were at the sides of my face, holding me there. “You like that?” I whispered, shortly before taking him into my mouth. When he groaned, I shivered. Suddenly I regretted not having gotten rid of my pants before. Otherwise I would have stroked myself while sucking him. With my tongue I traced the nubs on his shaft, feeling my thighs tremble and my core producing more wetness. 
“Ella,” he rasped. Sucking harder I took him as far into my mouth as I could, but he was way too huge. Therefore, I wrapped a hand around his base and stroked him simultaneously while moving my head back and forth. Guttural noises left my lips; giving him pleasure like this felt so fucking good, seeing the lust in his hooded eyes and feeling the tension in his body. The vibration of my voice seemed to please him even more, hence I started humming around him. In reaction he gripped my head a little harder; he didn’t hurt me but it was clear that I made him feel real good.
When I thought he was going to come soon, he suddenly stepped back, cursing loudly. Had I done something wrong? Confused I quickly stood. Before I could step back, he was on me. He ravaged my mouth with his, kissing me deeply as if he was going to die without me. “Your scent,” he murmured against my lips, “it’s driving me crazy.”
His large hands gripped my pants, pushing them off and sweeping me up into his arms directly after. He carried me to the bed and threw me onto it. Laughing out loud I observed him, while he was climbing the bed and slowly nearing himself to me. “I can’t get enough of your taste,” he rasped, pushing my thighs wide open. Again my core clenched, I loved how he had lost himself in his lust. Now that my pants were gone, I felt my wetness trickling down the insides of my thighs. Had I ever been this aroused? 
With a growl Krian buried his head between my legs. At first I was worried about his fangs but he never once hurt me. No, he did something completely different than hurting. Fuck, when his tongue licked over my core, I almost screamed out, that is how sensitive I already was. He dipped inside me, groaning at my taste and going at it like he was starving. When he circled and sucked on my clit, I immediately came. Clutching the sheets of the bed, my body reared up but Krian held me down, licking me further. One of his hands reached up to pinch and knead my breasts, with the other hand…I felt a finger at my entrance. When he pushed in, I experienced my first multiple orgasm. Before I could even come down from the high of the first one, I was already flying again. 
“Krian!” I cried out, the feelings were so strong, I sobbed, tears prickled in my eyes. Mercilessly he pushed a second finger in, pumping in and out of me. My hips pushed upwards, welcoming everything he gave me. Still he was tasting me, licking my clit and never giving me a break. I felt like I was burning up when he pushed a third finger in and I was climaxing again. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I wanted to scream at him to stop and at the same time tell him to keep on doing what he did.
My heart hammered in my chest, I was breathing heavily, and my skin tingled everywhere. He looked like a conqueror, a dark king who was taking what he was owed. Fuck, he was so hot. “Please,” I cried, my pussy contracted around his fingers. “I can’t take it.” It was too much and it was never enough. “More,” I whispered. Even I knew that I didn’t make any sense but I didn’t care. 

Author Bio:
Due to her father’s many business trips, Vera Elle Unita was born in Germany near Stuttgart in 1990. Since then she has traveled a lot, even studied one year abroad, but finally settled down with her husband and two beautiful dogs back home in the US—hello, Boston! She likes new hair colors, chocolate (who doesn’t?), and reading or writing about strong, perfectly imperfect book boyfriends struggling with their past. Everyone just needs a little love, right?



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