Release Day Review: The Unkindest Tide by Seanan McGuire

Series: October Daye #13
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Hundreds of years ago, the Selkies made a deal with the sea witch: they would have the sea for as long as she allowed it, and when the time came, she would call in all their debts at once. Many people assumed that day would never come. Those people were wrong.

When the Luidaeg—October "Toby" Daye's oldest and most dangerous ally—tells her the time has come for the Selkies to fulfill their side of the bargain, and that Toby must be a part of the process, Toby can't refuse. Literally. The Selkies aren't the only ones in debt to the Luidaeg, and Toby has to pay what she owes like anyone else. They will travel to the fabled Duchy of Ships and call a convocation of the Selkies, telling them to come and meet the Luidaeg's price...or face the consequences.

Of course, nothing is that simple. When Dianda Lorden's brother appears to arrest Dianda for treason against the Undersea, when a Selkie woman is stripped of her skin and then murdered, when everything is falling apart, that's when Toby will have to answer the real question of the hour.

Is she going to sink? Or is she going to swim?

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The Unkindest Tide is another wonderful addition to the October Daye series. This is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series, and I am so happy that after 13 books the author still delivers intriguing and amazing story-lines. In almost each book we get to visit a new place and be introduced to new characters. The characters keep on growing and learning new things. It is amazing to see what else is possible and hidden in this amazing world. I loved that this book was focusing on the Luidaeg, she is one of my favorite characters, and I was happy to see that she played a major role in this book. What I love the most is that there is never a dull moment in this series, there is always something exciting going on. The story is not repetitive and Seanan is continuously expanding the phenomenal world she built.

In this book the Luidaeg has summoned all the Selkies to call in their debts from the deal she made hundreds years ago. She, October and others will sail to the Duchy of Ships, where all the Selkies in the world will be gathering to have their skins permanently bound to their bodies, to bring back the Roane. This book was action-packed, funny, emotional, and uplifting. Like always October gets herself into trouble, but always finds a way to get out of them. She is strong and loyal, and will always help the ones in need. We also get a couple of heartfelt scenes between October and Tybalt, which was a great addition to the story. There were also a couple of heartbreaking scenes, which made me want to hug both October and the Luidaeg. I think fans of this series will be satisfied and enjoy this book. I already look forward to the next book.

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Seanan McGuire

SEANAN McGUIRE is the author of the October Daye urban fantasy series, the InCryptid series, and other works. She also writes darker fiction as Mira Grant.
Seanan lives in Seattle with her cats, a vast collection of creepy dolls and horror movies, and sufficient books to qualify her as a fire hazard.
She was the winner of the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and in 2013 she became the first person ever to appear five times on the same Hugo ballot.
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