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by Lorelei Moone
Shifters of Black Isle, #1-4
Publication Date: September 16, 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Shifters, Novellas, 
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With death lurking at every corner, love becomes more important than ever. 
With the threat of war hanging above their heads at all times, the fierce warriors of Black Isle are used to the idea that all they hold dear could be destroyed at any moment. They work hard to survive and celebrate harder. 
Shifters of various types must band together to defeat their numerous enemies, yet they never forget that life and love is precious and to grab happiness wherever they can find it. After all, any given day could be their last.
Claimed by the King
When a young human woman is offered up as a human sacrifice to the mysterious inhabitants of the Black Isles, she assumes she’ll be a slave and life as she knows it will be over. She’s half correct. Her life will change completely, but King Broc, who claims her as his mate, isn’t the brutish captor she expected him to be. 
The Soldier and the Siren
The Merfolk are the Isles’ natural enemy; have been for generations. When General Teaq comes across a mermaid inside Black Isle territory, he knows he must capture her. But there’s something about the mysterious woman that gives him pause. Their respective peoples are at war, but hate is the last thing on their minds.
A Dragon’s Treasure
The Isles are on the brink of war, and newly appointed general, Rhea, knows she must summon her secret weapon. The dragon that slumbers underneath the castle is their only hope to defeat the vast numbers of enemy fighters headed to their shores. But dragons are fickle creatures. Will she be able to reason with him and convince him to support her cause?
The Warlock’s Conquest
Ever since Ferris’ sister was taken by the barbarians that live on the Black Isles, he’s been planning his revenge. Years later, he’s finally leading a troop of warriors to liberate her, only to discover that perhaps he’s been on the wrong side of this conflict all along.



He loved her too. She was sure of it. He hadn't said it in so many words, but the way he'd kissed her… Surely that meant something. The way they'd spoken, more intimately than before… It was obvious now. She'd even told Cara about it already. 
Still filled with hope and an energy she hadn't felt before, Liliwen swam on. Her mind was filled with a mishmash of idle thoughts. Cara was to marry Cadfael; the looks they'd shared during the Premonition Ceremony were undeniable. 
And Liliwen was in love with Teaq. 
Further and further she swam, discovering new sights at each turn, and reliving old memories all at the same time. 
Until suddenly, she could go no further. Something constricted her movements, and within moments, a frenzy of activity descended upon her helpless form.
All the excitement, all the joy Liliwen had felt just moments ago vanished. 
She'd been caught in a net. And to make matters worse, the net had closed around her and she was being dragged to shore against her will. No matter how hard she fought, it was no use.
When she broke through the surface of the water, she saw not the familiar face she had been waiting for, but a whole lot of new people. Her heart grew heavy as she realized that the worst had happened. The Others had captured her.
Two of them were hauling her onto dry land. 
"What is it?" Teaq called out in the distance, filling Liliwen briefly with hope again. Would he rescue her?  
Her heart sank when she realized the truth that was written all over his face. The horror. He couldn't acknowledge her; no way. 
If she said anything to suggest she knew him, it would only escalate things. For the both of them.
Struggling also seemed to make matters worse. The net was rough, painfully so. It rubbed her skin raw almost to the point of causing real damage. That was nothing compared to what these soldiers would do to her later, though. 
"Well, let's see it," another man shouted. 
Liliwen was quickly overpowered by the two men who had previously hauled in the net. One had wrapped his arm around her neck to keep her still, while the other took yet more of the hideous rough material from the netting and tied it around her wrists. It stung and burned against her skin, but she didn't let her discomfort show. 
Instead, she took a moment to size up her captors.
The two soldiers looked rather unimpressive. One was a wolf, like Teaq, but actually he was nothing like Teaq at all. The other was something else, a bigger, furrier sort of creature. A bear, probably. Two more stood by a little further up the wall, with yet more of them overlooking the entire spectacle from the highest point of the fortifications.
Liliwen could barely stand to look at Teaq anymore, whose expression was one of pure horror, so she quickly skipped past him and looked at his companion. This man had the same animal form as one of the foot soldiers holding her, but he was more sizeable and wore fancier attire.
"Well, you don't see that every day," the stranger beside Teaq said. 
From his armor, as well as the tone in which he addressed the others, Liliwen could make out that he was in charge.
"There's your intruder," the same man said, while turning to face Teaq, who continued to stare at Liliwen. "Seems like the Elders might have been onto something with all their talk of prophecies." 
Liliwen frowned. Intruder; that obviously referred to her, but what Elders? What prophecies? 
The soldiers meanwhile tried to drag her up the stone steps to reach the wall level where the others were waiting. Liliwen wasn't sure how to react to all these strangers manhandling her, so she followed her instincts and spat at one of them. 
This only enraged him further and earned her a firm hand to the throat. 
"Don't lay a hand on me, wolf!" she threatened. Her anger had made her legs come out again, allowing her to stand strong on two feet. 
Just exactly what she would do if he didn't let go, she wasn't sure of. But this wasn't a situation she'd ever found herself in, obviously. And the treatment she was receiving so far was unbecoming of how a princess of the Deep deserved to be treated.
If they knew her true identity, matters would undoubtedly get worse, though, so she stopped herself from berating them on royal etiquette and decided to cooperate. For now.
Just for a second, she dared to look into Teaq's eyes again. There was nothing but sadness there.
She couldn't let that affect her, though. She had to be calm and calculating.
This romance of theirs had been doomed from the start. Just a fantasy. 
But this right here, this was the cold, hard reality. 
The worst had happened.
It had been a risk from the first moment she'd slipped out of her father's palace and come to these Isles. She had evaded it all this time simply because it was Teaq who had found her initially. And against all odds, they had connected. They had even fallen in love.
Now, all that was over.


Lorelei Moone is an author of paranormal romance based in London. A lover of all things sweet and caffeinated, when she's not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.
She got her start writing bear shifters in the well received Scottish Werebear series (2015-2016), and its spin-off, Alpha Squad (2016-2017). To binge-read these today, make sure to buy the boxed set collections. Additionally, she's written of vampires in her Vampires of London series (2016-2017), and has just begun her foray into paranormal fantasy romance with the Shifters of Black Isle series (2018-2019).
Most of her titles are also available in print as well as audio, so you can enjoy them in your favourite format.
Lorelei also writes contemporary / erotic romance as L. Moone. 


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