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Witch's Dragon by Ivy Quinn 
Monique Woodrow's 21st birthday comes with more than her first night at a bar. When her nascent powers manifest, she discovers it's her destiny to rule a lost sect of earth witches...if only she can find her shifter protectors before rival factions assassinate her. 
A Flock of Darkness by Angelique Armae 
Running for her life after defying a member of the Dark Fae, Reagan McKinley stumbles into a mythical realm where Raven shifters rule. Now she's embroiled in an otherworldly war where three Raven guardians are determined to mold her into the supernatural queen they claim her to be. 
Captivity by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk
In a world where shifters are hunted and kept as pets, siren Lorelei searches for the man she loved and lost, only to find him with a new name and no memory of their time together. As they try to fit into each other's lives again, outside forces vie for both their hearts. 
Leaving Tracks in the Snow by Brantwijn Serrah 
Elaina discovers a whole new world of myth, magic, and spiritualism when two beautiful shapeshifters rescue her from freezing to death in the Siberian snow. She soon learns her heroes are under attack by their own kind, and to protect them, she must become the first human in a thousand years to learn their wild magic, and issue a challenge to the alpha wolf himself. 
Fate of Dragons by Bella Andrews 
What Fate has joined together, let no magic put asunder.
Dragon shifters guard the four gateways and wait for the fulfilling of a prophecy foretold thousands of years ago--that one day a mortal-born Guardian, fated to be the mate of a Dragon lord, would take the fifth seat among them and rule as Spirit Dragon. 
Blood Lust by Shelique Lize 
Angelica is an Elite vampyre and the downside to the prestige society required her to create powerful alliances by marrying. Angelica accepts her fate, until she meets Jordan. A human who has her questioning her responsibilities. A man who has Angelica's every thought consumed. 
Under a Harvest Moon by Julie Trettel 
They may seem like the perfect parents and grandparents today, but there was a time when Jason and Mary Westin didn't exactly get along. Heading back to the 80's when hair was long, music was loud, and Mary was devastated to find the egotistical future Alpha would be her one true mate. 
His True Love by Khardine Gray 
Always alone. Always dancing by herself. Always looking like she'd just stepped out of a fantasy with her silky brown skin and ebony hair. She called to my dragon essence and I couldn't wait to taste her. To make her mine. The stars told of our meeting. It was always fate that we meet. 
Witch's Heart by Valia Lind 
A powerful witch and a Reader, Krista has finally met her match in Nolan: the first person she can't read.
Now, with the threat of the Ancient evil hanging over their heads, these two unlikely forces must join together, as they go to war.
Fighting their attraction to each other may be difficult, but it's nothing compared to the darkness threatening to destroy their small town and their way of life. 
Finding Her Dragons by April Canavan 
Stepping into the light could mean her end.
Danica is one of only four female dragons left that can find her mate. The problem is, she finds not one but four men that call to her. Now, she's haunted by the fact that the Dragon King will stop at nothing to possess her, even if it means destroying everything Danica is. 
Orphan Entangled by Keira Blackwood & Liza Street 
The law of the jungle doesn't mandate how many mates a woman can take. Nadia sets her own rules in this fresh retelling of The Jungle Book with a reverse harem twist. 
Clash of Queens by Athena Phoenix 
When the Huntress becomes the hunted, an heir becomes a queen.
Seeking justice for her murdered family, Arcadia DeLuca claims the throne left vacant by her missing mother only to have her reign challenged by a half-breed wolf shifter with hidden loyalties to the enemy. 
Mine to Claim by JS Bright & Holly Holston 
When trouble came looking, it found Sierra and twisted her life so hard she couldn't tell up from down. She needs to take care of her mates, find her father's killer, and keep her mom happy, an almost impossible feat. 
Moon Mist by Candace Sams 
A bad choice one rainy night lands a cop in the middle of a vampiric world that she never dreamed existed. From Texas to Ireland, there is a dark, shadowy domain that is hidden from humankind; a domain where shifters play games with reality. 
Bound by Magic by Heather Young-Nichols & J.A.  Hardt 
When Callie, one of the last magical shifters, promises her mother on her deathbed that she will track down her sisters - not by blood but by magic, she discovers a hunter is after them and wants her entire kind dead. The only help she can hope for is from her long-lost father and his pack. But she has no idea where to even begin. 
Wolves of the West by Crystal Ash 
Once a proud alpha's daughter, Nona is now disgraced and without a pack. She gets by and tries to forget her past, but a masked stranger who calls himself the Shadow Wolf threatens to bring it all back to haunt her. 
Soar: A Warrior's Fight by Sarah Zolton Arthur 
With the world on the brink of a war the humans never saw coming, the last thing Crest, aerie-lord and youngest brother to the future king of the Roc, needs is to feel the pull of destiny from his fated mate. But then again, with allies turning against them and betrayals from within, maybe that's exactly what he needs. A reminder of what they're fighting for... and why they have to win. 
Gorgon's Awakening by Daniella Clark 
Medusa's descendent is anything but normal, as the men who've tried to keep her before have learned the hard way. Now, with her power awakening, nothing will stand in her way. 
Possessing the Alpha by C.J. Beaumont 
Despite preparing her entire life to accept her blood legacy, Lucy Blackburn won't inherit the role as seamlessly as her ancestors--if she can even manage to inherit it at all. And her failure to do so could mean the extinction of her pack. 
Wolf Moon by Miranda Harvey & Cate Alexander 
For most of her life, Caley has been on the run. Hunted for her gift of being able to turn into a wolf she has difficulty trusting anyone. Then she meets Owen, a small town cop. Every instinct screams at her to run yet her heart begs for her stay. Will her choice to love him cause him to make the ultimate sacrifice? Or will the night of the full moon be her last? 
Her Raven Mates by Aria Adams 
Three men cursed to be ravens; one woman trapped in her swan form. Can they save each other before it's too late? A twisted dark reverse harem romance like nothing you ever read before. 
Abducted by Magic by Elena Gray & Kelli McCracken 
The veil between realms is on the brink of vanishing, leaving the human race exposed to supernatural danger.
When a wounded witch transfers her magic to Katarina, she's left with a power she's unable to wield as a human. Along with that magic comes four sexy gargoyles willing to sacrifice everything not only for the power she holds, but also for Kat, a human strictly forbidden to them. 
Stealing Their Harley by AJ Anders & Amanda Perry 
Harley Lowell had a normal family until her father unexpectedly abandons her and her mother. A year later, her life is turned upside down, when her missing father shows up without explanation and forces her into the protective arms of three sexy, mysterious, and incredibly infuriating men. 
Beware the Belle by Erica Gerald Mason 
With the threat of World War II looming in Europe, Hugo needs to help his sick mother leave France. A friend introduces Hugo to a mysterious man with an irresistible offer: a home for his family in America in exchange for 90 days in a sprawling mansion to watch over a troubled young woman. From the moment Hugo greets Celine in a dark hallway, the two form an uneasy bond and finds is willing to risk everything--his family, his future--to stay with her.

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