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Author: Tricia O’Malley

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Good Girl:

New release! From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Tricia O'Malley, comes a brand new romance series about love, self-discovery, and embracing your inner mermaid.   

She shouldn't be on this island.   If she was smart, Samantha Jameson would turn around and march right back to the plane that deposited her at a faded hut of an airport on Siren Island. Yet, Samantha just can't muster the energy to do so, not after the hellish week she's had. Her whole life has been spent playing by the rules, and for what? An empty apartment, a career with no upward movement, and one failed relationship after another. When it all blows up in her face, what's a girl to do but book a last-minute trip to the ridiculously named Laughing Mermaid Bed & Breakfast on an unknown speck of an island in the Caribbean?   Lucas Mosteron knows all about burning out from first-hand experience. Over the years, he's discovered that he isn't the only one, as everyone has their own unique story for landing on Siren Island. His lovely and mysterious neighbors at The Laughing Mermaid Bed & Breakfast are no exception. Little does he know that there is more to their story than he could ever have imagined possible. When Samantha Jameson arrives as their guest - depleted and needing respite, Lucas can't help but feel like he could be the man she needs. Irresistibly drawn to her uptight demeanor, Lucas is determined to unwind Samantha and show her that life on Siren Island could be the answer to all her problems.  

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 Despite her misgivings, Samantha found herself engrossed in the romance novel within a few chapters. After all, she needed to find out if the rakish Raphael claimed the stowaway princess as his lover, didn’t she? She was so engrossed she’d barely looked up for quite some time, and was startled by a shadow falling over her legs. “Ah, so the woman likes pirates, does she?” The man – Lucas, they had called him – smiled down at her. Sam could have buried her head in the sand. “It’s… research,” she said, flipping the book onto the table with the cover side down. What was with this place? Why did everyone keep coming up to talk to her? Samantha thought it should be obvious – when a woman barricaded herself with books and an iPad on the beach, it was a clear sign she wanted to be left alone. Headphones, she decided, as she blushed up at the man who towered over her where she sat. Headphones should do the trick. “Is that so? Do you work for a publishing house then?” Lucas said, leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest, now thankfully covered in a loosely-buttoned Hawaiian-style shirt. “No,” Sam said. “Hmm, you’re a writer?” “Nope.” “Ah, then you must work for one of those sex shops that help men and women rekindle their pleasure in the bedroom.” “What? No!” Sam squealed, bringing her hands to her face to hide her embarrassment. “Just teasing you,” Lucas said, his tone gentle as he sat on the chair across from her. “My name’s Lucas Mosteron.” “Hi, Lucas, my name is Samantha. I’m a senior portfolio manager at a luxury hotel line and I most certainly do not work at a sex shop.” Samantha grimaced at the primness that laced her voice. Even to her she sounded like an old fuddy-duddy. It would have been the perfect time to throw on a new persona, maybe tell a few lies, and have some fun with someone she’d never see again. Too bad she couldn’t bring herself to fake such bravado, Sam thought, wishing she had a bit of Jolie’s sass in her. “More’s the pity,” Lucas said, his teeth a flash of white in his face as he smiled at her. He was older than she’d assumed, probably at least five years older than her. Samantha found she didn’t mind, though she had to admit her mind had briefly strayed to the idea of romancing a young college boy for the trip. Shocked at her train of thought, Sam glared at the romance novel. See? That was what those things did to you. “I’ve never even been inside a shop like that,” Samantha blurted, and then could have kicked herself. She’d barely met this man and was already telling him she’d never been in a sex shop? She might as well advertise herself as the boring accountant who blushed at the thought of reading a romance novel in public. “Might I repeat myself? More’s the pity.” Lucas chuckled again, but his tone was easy, with no judgment. Sam covered her face with her hands and shook her head back and forth. “Can we start over? I’m totally embarrassed,” she admitted. Lucas tilted his head to study her face, and once again, she was glad her sunglasses shaded her eyes. “Hi Samantha, I’m Lucas. I was just going for a stroll on the beach and thought I’d stop to say hello to a pretty lady. I hope I’m not bothering you,” Lucas said, all but oozing charm. Maybe she did want to lap him up like a bowl of cream, Sam mused, once again shocking herself with her thoughts. “Hi Lucas, that’s very sweet of you to stop and say hello. It’s nice to meet you,” she said. There, she sounded like a normal capable adult – which she was, most of the time and to everyone else who knew her in this world. “Would you like to join me for a stroll on the beach?” Lucas asked, and Sam found herself wanting to say yes. Yes, she was carefree and easygoing enough to stroll with a stranger on the beach on this tiny speck of Siren Island in the middle of the Caribbean. “I…” But Sam just couldn’t quite bring herself to say it. She’d never been impulsive or frivolous, and she could just hear her parents lecturing her on personal safety. Strolling with a strange man on the beach? Not smart, Sam reminded herself; that’s how people ended up in bathtubs with their kidneys missing.

About Tricia O’Malley:

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, Tricia O'Malley, lives in the Caribbean with her much doted-upon dogs, Briggs and Blue. On a typical day you will find her lost in the worlds of her making or gearing up to go scuba diving. Tricia loves fun vacation reads, hates wimpy characters, and hosts a serious addiction to traveling the world. She finds inspiration on the go – and you’ll often find her books set in beautiful settings with characters tangled in affairs of the heart…or murder.


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  1. I love this post. I also am a big fan of Tricia O'Malley. If she writes it, I will read it.

  2. Good Girl sounds great! Love the cover, thank you.


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