Release Blitz: Forgetting Aiden by Juliet Picard

Welcome to Hollywood, where celebrities like me attend fancy galas, release new records, and star in classic films like Romeo and Juliet -- sometimes requiring simulated sex with their ex-boyfriend.

Aiden Press is Hollywood's newest bad boy, but he's no stranger to me. He traded in his sweet Country artist stardom for a shot at making it big as a pop star. I’m sure he’s on the verge of greatness with lyrics like big booty, cash money, and oh yeah.

Of course, he'll try to win me over with those baby blue eyes, gush-worthy smile, and deep V-line leading down to...

O Aiden!

I mean...

O Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?


Damn, he has Aiden’s smile. That full-on grin with perfectly white teeth. It doesn’t help that he has Aiden’s tendency to swipe his bottom lip with his tongue. All smooth, slightly wet, and…. nope, I can’t go there. I just got out of a relationship. How can I get involved with Xavier if I’m still thinking about Aiden? My skin gets hotter. But, what if Xavier is the one to make me forget about him? I mean there’s no harm in finding out, right?

I place my hand on top of his hard thigh. I study his reaction, searching for any hesitance. There’s none. Only a hunger behind his eyes. I pull myself onto his lap, facing him. Sitting on the backless stool, all of his muscles tighten to hold me into place. The constricting sensation of his body sends heat shooting up from my pelvis to my head. I take his hands from his side and place them on my waist. My eyes are watching his lips part open. I can hear his breath growing heavier. The space between us is getting smaller until it's the size of a dime. His exhales become my inhales. What am I doing? It's the last question I think before my lips find his. Just like that, I'm at a loss for anything not connected to Xavier. His broad shoulders, soft tongue, and hot skin.

With my legs still wrapped around his back, he lifts me to the couch. I lay propped across his hard chest. I press my body closer to his. A low grunt escapes his body. It feels good to know that I can still make a man pant under my embrace. His hands grip my waist tighter. And, I feel him grow harder. He flips me on my back with ease.

Through a haze, I watch his head bobbing in and out of my skirt. His tongue massages and spreads my wetness around and around. I moan and grab onto the pillow behind me. Beads of sweat collect at my forehead. I almost forgot how good it feels to be touched. No, devoured. I cry out as I reach my climax, all too soon. Xavier looks up at me and has that same devious smile that started all of this.

I push him back onto the couch and release his belt buckle. I almost stop when I notice the black spandex boxers with a white dot. The very style I had bought Aiden for Christmas last year. He will not ruin this moment. I rip the boxers down harder than expected. Xavier is one blessed man. I gape in awe at his package. I’ve only seen Aiden’s in person, but I’ve seen plenty of dirty pics (not by choice) to know his size is exceptional. My lips wrap tightly around his tip. I push deeper and tug on the base of his shaft with my hand. His eyes widen and nostrils flare. The pleasure in his face sends a thrill through my body. I thrust harder so that he can feel the base of my throat, and I’m certain he’ll finish soon. With the last plunge, I feel his warmth run down my throat.

“Well, it was very nice meeting you Xavier,” I say, and he lets out a low chuckle.

“You have quite the sense of humor, Eva…among other things. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. I’ve always perceived you as reserved.”

“Well, there’s a first for everything,” I say.

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Juliet Picard has published articles for Girl Ambition, a tween online site, and has been a stringer for CosmoGirl! Magazine, a tween spin-off of Cosmopolitan. She graduated cum laude from Cornell University where she took a number of creative writing courses and studied business. 

Juliet Picard is proud to present readers with Forgetting Aiden that draws on her mixed ethnicity as a Mexican-American writer and experiences as an actress. She also pays tribute to her husband's Colombian nationality and their frequent travels to this beautiful country. 

Juliet Picard hopes to inspire young women to follow their dreams, even in the face of adversity.

For more information or to connect with Juliet visit

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