Review: Give Me Fever by Jasmine & Arielle Lockhart

Hotter than a fever…
Jackson Noveau left behind his Cajun roots to make a better life for him and his new bride in New York City. But his drive for success drove the love of his life away. Six years later, Jackson has the opportunity to take his hot sauce company global. All he has to do is buy back the family farm. Unfortunately, the new owner isn’t impressed by his handsome offer.

From first love to fiery business rival…
Jessa fled home to the little bayou town of Fever, Louisiana six years ago, expecting Jackson to chase after her. He never did. Now he’s back and she has something he wants—the farm she secretly bought. She has no intentions of letting go of the home she loves, or the one-of-a-kind peppers necessary for the production of Jackson’s hot sauce. At least not until she learns Jackson holds the key to something she wants—the divorce she believed they finalized years ago.

What’s yours is mine…
The two strike a deal where winner takes all. If Jessa can go a week without succumbing to the spark clearly still between them, Jackson will sign the divorce papers. If not, Jackson gets the farm. As the ex-flames spend the week together, things smolder hotter than a fever, but with only one winner, someone is sure to get burnt.

Give me Fever was a fun and light second-chance romance. The couple think they are divorced but because of technicalities it was never finalized. Jackson comes back to his hometown to get a deal done: buy back the family farm. However, he doesn't know that this farm belongs to his wife. I loved the banter between them, and Jessa definitely knew how to handle Jackson. I think the two of them striking a deal was a great way for them to reconnect without them jumping right back into bed. They are both not the same person they were six years ago. They got married pretty young, and that is also obvious from the choices they made back then. I loved that they were more mature now, but that they still had a very playful side to them. I think the authors did a great job in describing the little bayou town of Fever, Louisiana. I enjoyed this book but wanted it to be a bit longer. I really hope Jackson's siblings will get their own book, because they were loyal and fun, and I think their stories will be very interesting.

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