First came Nobody’s Lady. Than A Lady’s Prerogative. Now… Lady Saves the Duke. 
“I want to praise Annabelle for writing a curvy heroine with stretch marks and all. We need more like this.” From the Sassy Book Lover Review Blog…

 Miss Abigail Wright, disillusioned spinster, hides her secret pain behind encouraging smiles and optimistic laughter. Self-pity, she believes, is for the truly wretched. So when her mother insists she attend a house party—uninvited—she determines to simply make the best of it…until an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.Alex Cross, the "Duke of Ice," has more than earned the nickname given him by the ton. He's given up on happiness but will not reject sensual pleasure. After all, a man has needs.The week ought to have been pleasantly uneventful for both of them, with nature walks, parlor games, and afternoon teas on the terrace…but for some inferior stitchery on poor Abigail's bodice.And now the duke is faced with a choice. Should he make this mouse a respectable offer and then abandon her to his country estate? She's rather pathetic and harmless, really. Oughtn't to upset his life whatsoever. His heart, however, is another matter…


“I am going to count to three, very slowly. You must take your leave while you have the chance, Your Grace, for if you are still here by the time I have finished counting, I warn you that I shall accept your proposal and you will leave here an engaged man. I only have so much self-discipline, you see, and part of me sees you as quite the answer to all of my problems.“I am warning you…“One…“Two…“Two and a half…” Oh, lord, he still had not moved.Abigail dropped her hands. “Three,” she said.


Married to the same man for over 25 years, I am a mother to three children and two Miniature Wiener dogs. After owning a business and experiencing considerable success, my husband and I got caught in the financial crisis and lost everything; our business, our home, even our car. 
At this point, I put my B.A. in Poly Sci to use and took work as a waitress and bartender. 

Unwilling to give up on a professional life, I simultaneously went back to college and obtained a degree in Energy Management. 

And then the energy market dropped off. 

And then my dog died. 

I can only be grateful for this series of unfortunate events, for, with nothing to lose and completely demoralized, I sat down and began to write the romance novels which had until then, existed only my imagination. 

I am happy to have found my place in life.


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