Cover Reveal: Ruin by Rina Kent

The Rhodes #1
Genre: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 14, 2019

Darkness frightened her, but a killer becomes her muse.

Death was all I lived for. Until she came along.
Lively. Beautiful. Spicy.
I need to kill her, but the urge to keep her is stronger.
For the first time in my life, I defy my demons for her.
The price? One of us has to die.

Darkness scared me. Until him.
Mysterious. Dangerous. Deadly.
He terrified me, but his hidden layers intrigued me more.
I can’t help being attracted to the man within. To his beautiful madness and twisted mind.
Even if being entangled in his world could lead to my ruin…

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Three years ago, I fled the country to escape Arthur Rhodes' clutches. 
He was too raw.
Too dangerous.
Just too much.
Now, I'm back to save my father's company. But I will never get lost in Arthur's maze again.
Or that's what I tell myself.

About the Author

Rina Kent is a lover of suspenseful plots and edgy characters. She has always been obsessed with romance. Storytelling is in her blood. Plotting is her addiction. Flawed and gripping characters are her drug. She makes it her mission to give them all types of trouble before granting them happy endings.

When not scheming her characters' fate, Rina manages a hectic schedule divided between studying and living with the most supportive husband and a not-very-supportive cat.

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