United: Part 1

Marked for Love #2 
by Kiera Jayne 
Publication Dates: January 25, 2019 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

After a rocky start to her unconventional relationship with James and Miles, Kida is finally starting to get comfortable with her situation. Her guys dote on her at every turn, showing that their love for her is more than enough to sustain their blossoming romance. But the world doesn’t care about their joy. Everyone seems hellbent on tearing the trio apart, and when Kida receives some unexpected news, their union will be put to the test. Now, more than ever, they’ll need a united front, but will Kida’s indecisiveness tear them apart?


Okay, so I have found some excerpts for United Part 2. They are shorter, as this one is a shorter book, so I included more scenes than you asked for. I also want to clarify when these excerpts will go out, because one of them is a bit spoilery (the last one when Miles shows Kida her baby bump in front of the mirror).
United Part 2 Excerpts

Kida giggled as she was lifted off the ground and spun away. “What are you doing?”
“Wait,” James ordered.
“Wait for what?” James held a finger up to her. From his pocket, he produced a red silk scarf.
Kida planted her hands on her hips. “Where did you get that from?”
“I've had it on me all day.” When James lifted it towards Kida's eyes, Kida shrank back. “It's okay, Keeds. Trust me,” he said huskily.
Kida relaxed and James covered her eyes with the soft fabric. As he fastened it behind her head, Kida asked, “Is this some kind of bondage thing?”
“We might have time for that later.” James’ tone reflected his desire.
Kida giggled self-consciously and leaned against him.
She felt his hands on her body and his mouth near her ear as he asked, “Would you be open to that?”
Kida's cheeks darkened. “I don't know. Maybe . . ..”
James smiled as he pressed his lips to the spot between her eyebrows. “Maybe’s good.”
Kida held him tightly and pressed herself against his firm, muscular body. “As long as you're not too rough with me.”
“I would never hurt you, Kida,” James promised.
“I know,” Kida whispered. James kissed her tenderly as he slowly opened the apartment door. Breaking the kiss, he glanced into the room and pressed his fingers to his lips. He turned Kida around and frog marched her into the apartment.
“Honestly, what are you doing, James?” Kida demanded.
“Walking you into the apartment,” he answered.
“I was right—this really is a bondage thing!” Kida couldn't have been louder in the quiet room if she had tried.
James failed miserably when he tried not to laugh.
“Oi! Don't laugh at me.”
James undid the scarf and nodded at Miles.
“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted as the smooth material fell away from her eyes.
Kida jumped out of her skin as she looked around at the myriad of people in her apartment. James’ family, her sisters and their boyfriends, Charlie, Mara, and her father. Shit! Kida had just talked about bondage in front of her dad?

United: Part 2

Marked for Love #3 
by Kiera Jayne
Publication Dates: February 8, 2019 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

As she slowly comes to terms with her surprising news, Kida is working to rebuild the bond between herself, James and Miles. But when a deranged student targets Miles, the trio is put to the test once again. When will they catch a break? Can the trio stay true to each other and overcome the obstacles in their way? Will this break them once and for all, or can they stay UNITED?


 United, Part 1 Excerpts

His kiss was hot and heavy, and Kida moaned as his lips left her mouth to trail down her neck. James disappeared under the covers and she moved into him as she felt him nibble her inner thighs.
He placed a kiss on her mound and Kida moaned again. She slapped her hand over her mouth. “James. James, wait!”
He poked his head back out of the covers and frowned. “For what?”
“Your mum, sister, and nephew are all nearby.”
It took a moment for James’ brain to kick in over his horniness. “You're worried about them hearing us?”
Shyness washed over her as she nodded.
“They don't have to hear anything.”
“How? I’m not exactly quiet when we have sex,” Kida said.
James flashed a naughty, crooked smile. “I love the noises you to make. But tonight, you'd better stay quiet, Keeds.” He leveled her with as stern of a look as he could muster.
James cut her off. “Ah-ah!”
Kida looked at him in surprise when he pressed his forefinger to her lips. He shrugged the covers off and sank back down to her pussy. A moan escaped Kida's mouth on the first lap of his tongue, and James pinched her leg.
“Ouch!” Kida snapped.
“Hush,” he ordered. “Unless you want me to stop . . .?”
“Please don't,” she whimpered.
With a devilish smirk, James pushed Kida's legs open wider and ran the tip of his tongue ever so lightly over her before pushing two fingers inside of her.  Kida pressed her lips together as another moan built up in her throat. James finger-fucked Kida into oblivion. Sucking on her clit, he never let up as she exploded, her body writhing. Then, he crept up her body.
Hovering above her, he stared into the depths of her sapphire eyes. For once, Kida didn't shy away from him, and instead, she held his blue-green gaze. James watched her, captivated, as she pulled on her nipples.
She didn't want to come back down to Earth yet. Not at all. “James, don't stop,” Kida begged.
She wrapped her body around his and hooked her legs around his waist, opening herself to him. Her pussy throbbed when she felt the tip of his manhood at her entrance. “Please.”
“You want me inside you, babe?” James teased.
“Yes. I promise I'll be quiet.” Kida's eyes danced with mirth, causing James to laugh.
“Good to know.”


“Talk to me,” Miles whispered as he brushed away a stray tear.
Kida stroked Miles’ handsome face. “Why can't people understand how much I love you and James? Why do they have to be so nasty? Why does everyone underestimate me?”
Kida fell silent for a moment and Miles waited for her to gather herself.
“What hurts the most is that it was Mum who said those things. How can she think so little of me?”
“I think she's used to being in control of everything, Kida. I think that’s why Willa is so rebellious, and why Claire tends to detach herself. I don't know your mother well, but I can see that trait in her. She's the same way with your aunt and even her father. I think it frightens her that she can't control her girls anymore,” Miles said.
“So, it's a knee-jerk reaction? Basically, that she’s throwing a temper tantrum?”
“I think so.”
“But I still need my mum, Miles. I need her as a friend and as an equal. She's my mum.”
“I know,” Miles muttered as Kida pulled him into another kiss.
She pushed her hands underneath Miles’ shirt and grazed his ribs with her fingernails. The grey garment crept up his body with her arms. Miles ducked his head and tossed the shirt aside, then slid his arms under Kida's body, pulling her tight against him. A tiny moan escaped her as his erection pressed against her.
Miles broke the kiss off. “We should take a look in the bathroom.”
Miles simply smiled a mysterious, sexy smile and slid off her. He disappeared through a door beside the head of the bed, undoing his pants as he went.
Intrigued, Kida slowly sat up. Miles was too good at doing that to her.
Working at the knot of her green wraparound top until it was undone, she tiptoed into the bathroom. Kida paused to take in her new surroundings. The room reminded her of the Italian Renaissance with its soft yellow glow, which was enhanced by the dozens of lit candles around the room. In the middle of it all was a claw foot bath filled with bubbles, a bottle of champagne, and a bowl of huge, fresh strawberries.
She felt Miles step up behind her. “You did all of this? . . . It-it’s incredible.”
Miles shifted Kida's top from her shoulder and kissed her newly exposed skin, gently grazing her skin with his teeth. A pang of desire shot through her body, making her breath catch.

About Kiera Jayne

Kiera Jayne writes love stories full of humour, fun, empowerment and angst. Her characters range from shy to sassy, troubled to flirty and everything in between. Her influences include G.J. Walker-Smith, Cassandra Clare and Olivia Cunning. She is an animal lover with wanderlust in her heart and a passion for music, history, the Aussie bush and epic television dramas. Not to mention an obsession with all things pertaining to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who & Marvel. Residing in Brisbane, Australia, Kiera’s home is filled to the brim with books covering a vast variety of genres.

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