Release Boost - Rogue Prince Book 3 by Cameron Drake

Title: Rogue Prince Book 3
Series: Vampire Princess
Author: Cameron Drake
Release Date: December 30, 2018



A war between Vampires is looming. The future of Vamp and humankind rests on my teenage shoulders. And I still need to get a good score on my SATs.

My guardians have done their best to keep me hidden until I grew strong enough to defeat the New Leaders. The same leaders that destroyed our kingdom and imprisoned my father. It is nearly time for me to reclaim the throne and set my father free so he can rule once again. But now there is another claim to the throne. 

A prince who hid himself in shadows for centuries. 
A prince who let me think he supported me. 
A prince who let me believe that he loved me.
That betrayal cuts the deepest. 
We are connected by blood, so I am constantly aware of Maxim, the so-called Rogue Prince. 

I know he has not yet revealed my location or sent for the New Leaders. I know I am safe from the ultimate betrayal. But for how long? Rogue Prince is the third book in the Vampire Princess series. Book one: Vampire Princess Book Two: Royally Cursed Book Three: Rogue Prince Book Four: Spring 2019   




Cameron Drake is an emerging author of fantasy fiction. Vampire Princess is Cameron’s first book, now available in ebook, paperback and audiobook. Look for the third Vampire Princess book coming soon, along with the third book in the Dreamshifters series, a collaboration with young adult fiction author Kara Sevda
Also keep an eye out for the second book in the exciting new Mermaid Trials series! !


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