Release Blitz: Of Ash and Angels by KC Decker

January 14, 2019


I have never had a therapist I didn’t want to murder where they sat. As a collective group they all say there is no way around grief, only through it, but for me, grief has become who I am. The idea of shedding it is as ludicrous as stepping outside of my own skin.

The fact is, some things can break you. I mean, shatter your soul and cast it into the wind in a billion tiny pieces. To think you might one day be able to find all those infinite pieces of yourself, patch everything back together, and move on with life—well, I don’t even need to dignify that with a response.


A few months ago, I shaved off a hundred and eighty-five-pound parasite. Then, once I was rid of him, I wondered why I didn’t just stick it out because the dating world is treacherous these days. Turns out, so is unemployment.

I suppose, to offset all the swiping left and Netflix binging in my life, I should take this job. There is a massive problem with the position though.

The problem’s name is, Justin Abernathy.

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First place winner of the prestigious, National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. KC Decker is the author of the runaway hits, 1462 South Broadway, 720 Linden Street, 1700 Grant Street, 945 Cedar Avenue, and the standalone books, Little Dove & Of Ash & Angels! KC is a voracious reader and eternal dreamer. After years of over thinking and narcissistic scrutiny of everything she has ever written, she decided to tackle a book of her very own. Her actions culminated in a very sincere and magnanimous respect for all published writers

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