Cover Reveal: Battle by Cee Cee Riley

The Devil’s Highwaymen Nomads #3
Coming January 10th

I was born into this world, unwanted, unloved and underestimated.

I lived hard. I rode fast. And I chased my demons away with whisky, women and fighting.
Then I met Quinn Bailey, and everything changed. I wanted her like I’d never wanted any woman before. The chemistry between us was blistering, but she belonged to another brother.
I tried to stay away from her for as long as I could, but the fight was already lost.
I had to have her or die trying.

Battle scared me. But for all the right reasons.
There was no denying what we had, even if I had wanted to. But I was Ripped’s old lady. I was loyal to another MC. I belonged to another world. Another man.
But Battle was a soldier ready for war, and my love was the battle he was fighting for.


I started along the hallway, heading back into the clubhouse in the hopes of convincing Ripped to let me go to bed. He hated me going to bed without him and normally made me wait up for him, but I was exhausted and ready to sleep.
I was lost in those thoughts when a hand wrapped around the top of my arm and dragged me backwards, another quickly covering my mouth and muffling my screams. I fought, kicking and hitting out at the hard wall of muscle and trying to scream as I was dragged backwards into a small storeroom.
The room was dark, darker still when the door slammed shut behind us, and I was shoved forward, my body pressed up against the racking. A man’s body came up behind me, pressing himself against my back and pushing me further forward, his hot breath on my neck as his earthy scent curled lazily around me.
“You can’t do that, Quinn,” Battle said, and I stopped fighting him immediately. “You can’t do that to a man and expect nothing to happen to you, you feel me?”
I nodded, instantly wet at having him so close to me. Like I said, my body was already his. His hand left my arm and reached down between us to lift up my dress, and I groaned with need and desperation, more than ready for his touch. I’d like to say it was fear that made me stop fighting him, that I was scared of him hurting me, but I’d be a liar as well as a whore if I did. The truth was, while Ripped had been finger-fucking me and bringing me to orgasm I’d been staring at Battle and wishing it was him. Imagining what his hands would feel like on my body. And while the sweetbutt had been swallowing his come, I’d been imagining that it was me, knowing that that come had been meant for me and not her. So I stopped fighting him, my body turning to putty beneath his touch.
I gasped as one of his hands reached over and wrapped around my throat while the other pushed my panties down my trembling legs.
“I got you, Q,” he rumbled against my neck, “I motherfukin’ got you.”

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  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor about the author

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International bestselling author with almost twenty novels of various genres to her credit.
A lover of all things dark and dirty, she likes to write characters you love to hate but can’t help falling in-love with. She isn’t afraid to challenge herself, or her readers, to step outside of their comfort zones.
She also writes under the pen name of Cee Cee Riley, where she writes in the MC romance and post-apocalyptic romance genres.
Claire lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters and one naughty beagle, where she can be found whiling away her days playing board games with her kids and reading.
Author of:

 Odium The Dead Saga Series
Odium Origins Series
Limerence (The Obsession Series)
Out of the Dark Series,
Twisted Magic,
Beautiful Victim
Blood Claim

Co-authored books with Madeline Sheehan:
Thicker than Blood,
Beneath Blood & Bone,
& Shut Up & Kiss me,

And by Cee Cee Riley:
The Ride or Die a Devil’s Highwaymen MC Novel Series
The Devil’s Highwaymen NOMAD series.
Contact Links:
Facebook (Claire C. Riley)
Facebook (Cee Cee Riley)

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