Release Day Review: Cabin Fever by K. Larsen & Mara White

When a rugged mountain man rescues a sleeping beauty from the snow, two strangers are flung together to ride out the blizzard of their lives.

He fled society and the walls of conformity.

She ran from a mid-life crisis and the man who’d abandoned her.

What they didn’t know was a perfect storm was brewing that would bring them together.

Under extreme conditions and with their lives on the line, can beast and beauty find shelter in one another’s arms?

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**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

Cabin Fever is a fast-paced contemporary romance about two characters who both run away from the circumstances in their lives. Tristan is socially withdrawn and has been living alone in the mountains for years, and is mostly very happy with his life. Meghan is trying to find a meaning to her life after being abandoned by her husband by going on dangerous adventures. Even though this book was shorter than what I usually read, I still think that the authors did a good job in telling a complete story. I loved how the relationship between the two developed, and it had some very sweet moments. I could totally understand where Tristan was coming from and why he had secluded himself from the world. 

"Everyone left him eventually, whether by will or fate, every woman he'd ever loved had slipped through his fingers."

This book was a beautiful romance focusing on characters who are a bit older, Meghan was 40 and I don't think it was mentioned how old Tristan was (and if it was, I don't remember), so I am assuming around the same age as Meghan. I like reading about more mature characters, and see how they make decisions in certain situations. I could really feel the maturity in Tristan and Meghan, and I loved seeing them fall in love. The writing was easy to read and had a great flow. The romance was beautiful, and I loved seeing these two characters becoming closer and closer each day. This was a sweet romance with hot sex scenes. Tristan didn't think he would be enough, and that Meghan wouldn't want the life he was living in his cabin in the mountains. But he should know that nothing can stand in the way of true love.

About the Authors
 I am an avid reader, coffee drinker, and chocolate eater who loves writing. I received my B.A. from Simmons College-a while ago. I currently live with my daughter in Maine. I’m working on my sixth novel out later this year. I’ve published Tug Of War, Objective, Resistance, Saving Caroline, 30 Days, Committed and Dating Delaney. Enjoy! I love hearing from you so please feel free to contact me!

Mara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.

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