Release Blitz - Excerpt & Giveaway - Circle of Flames by Jane S. Morrissey

Circle of Flames

The Quytel Series, Book 2 
by Jane S. Morrissey 
Publication Date: November 14, 2018
 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance


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Sent back to his homeland to investigate the disappearance of psychic children, Darius Curilian must face the haunting truths of his past. In a remote village, Darius and his team arrive too late to stop a kidnapping but discover a beautiful stranger who could hold the key to finding the missing children.

A self-defined loner, fire breathes in Emma Williams’ soul, setting her apart from everyone her whole life. When she tries to save a child in danger, she falls into Darius’s unwilling arms. As she is pulled into the dark world of the Quytel, she and Darius must overcome his past if they have a chance of survival.


Sighing, even more tired of her own story than usual, she started up her front steps. Halfway up, she stopped, heart pounding at the sight of a large man sitting on the loveseat on her porch, half hidden by deep shadows. She knew him. She was sure she’d never met him, but she knew him. His face kept flashing in her mind, sex and danger. Who was he? “Rough night, Emma?” His deep voice said her name like a sigh on a warm summer breeze. Tingles of desire licked all over her body, settling low in her belly.Emma’s heart pounded, sparks building into fire, while fear plucked the strings of her nerves like an out-of-tune banjo.“Who are you?” She was a fool for not running straight back to her car and calling the police.“My name is Darius.”The name fit, another piece of the puzzle falling into place.When he stood he was far taller than she’d expected, broader across the shoulders, with powerful arms and legs, clearly comfortable using his strength to intimidate. Well, she refused to be intimated by him. Fire swirled close, more under her control. Darius walked to the top of the stairs, near enough that she caught the scent of sandalwood and moss. It teased her senses; tendrils of familiarity trickled along the edge of her awareness.

About Jane S. Morrissey

Jane Morrissey is a paranormal romance writer who loves romance, magic, and writing. Her paranormal romantic mysteries will keep you reading late into the night. Jane spends her time writing, enjoying the glorious California Coast near her home and spending as much time as she can with family and friends.

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