Cover Reveal & Giveaway - All the Right Moves by Becca Taylor


Cover designed by: Starcrossed Covers
Coming October 13th


Being called the worst boyfriend can do a number on a man’s ego.
But I handled it the way any full-grown adult male would—by eating copious amounts of carbs and wallowing over whether I was good enough.
I admit, it wasn’t the best of moments, but it made me realize I needed answers to the question, what are women looking for inside and out of the bedroom?
After I researched the subject, I compiled my data into a solution.

Thirty days.
Thirty right moves.

But I needed to test out my newfound theories, and my best friend, Tenley, was going to help.
It was a foolproof plan.
We would date and act like a real couple, all in the name of research. And when the thirty days were up, we would go back to being just friends.
Piece of cake, right?
Only, I forgot to take into consideration the multiple outcomes. Specifically, the one where it left me wanting more and refusing to go back to what we were... ever again.


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I was  born and raised in New Jersey. Growing up, I wasn't much of a reader, until my mother introduced me to a book series. One series turned to another, and another. 
Then a new adventure began. I met my husband, and we had three children. Books and reading became a distant memory. On Christmas, I was given a popular book series, and my life changed. I read it over and over again.  My love of romance novels was rekindled. 
I began seeking out new unknown authors, and found a community of readers like me. One night, I had a rather vivid dream, and decided to write it down.  The words turned into chapters. The chapters developed into a novel. The novel became a new adventure. 
This is where my story began, and is still being written. 

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