Cover Reveal - Ascenders 11:11 by C. L. Gaber

The Ascenders (1)

FINALLY Ascenders 11:11 from Bestselling Author C. L. Gaber’s Volume four in the fascinating Ascenders Saga COVER REVEAL is HERE !!!

Title : Ascenders 11:11 
 (Ascenders Saga, Volume Four)
Author: C. L. Gaber
Release Date: November 11, 2018 (11:11)
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In the Midst—a place for those who departed young—there is a fate worse than death. It’s the passing of love. Tat-covered Daniel Reid’s memory has been erased by his sadistic father who has also jettisoned his other children to places unknown.
Walker Callaghan must now face her destiny alone.
Alliances shift in the fourth book of the Ascenders Saga when Walker is accused of murder, lies, and crimes against existence. Only twice a day at 11:11—a time when all things converge—is everything and everyone clear.
Forced to run to the other side of The Other Side, Walker meets up with Daniel only to discover that the afterlife world they previously experienced was only the beginning of The Vastness.
In a new realm of illusion and deception, there are no rules except one: Rock bottom builds heroes.
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C.L. Gaber is the author of the ASCENDERS Saga including ASCENDERS: High School of the Recently Departed" (Volume One) , ASCENDERS: SKYPUNCH (Volume Two) ASCENDERS: OMORROW (Volume Three) and the upcoming ASCENDERS: 11:11

C.L. is also the co-author of JEX MALONE. She is an entertainment journalist who interviews Hollywood's A-listers for the New York Times wire and several other publications. Daniel Day-Lewis and Bruce Springsteen are two of her favorites! C.L. lives in Nevada with her husband Ron, daughter Sabrina and two unruly dogs.

Twitter: @CLGaber
 Instagram: @clgaber 
Google +: CL Gaber MeWe >>

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