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Harley Davis is in serious trouble. She's been hiding from a group of men trying to get even with her. She knows her time is running out, which is why she has a detailed fail-proof escape plan.

Slater Brooks has been undercover for years trying to get in with the officers of a club so he can get information for his own boss. He has one last job to do before he can disappear and enjoy the money that'll set him for life... kidnap Harley and deliver her to her father. 

Only problem is, she doesn't have any intention of having anything to do with the man she considers the 'sperm donor' who gave her life. 

What happens when impossible meets stubborn? Read Ridin' Dirty to find out!

Ridin' Dirty
Chapter One

I can’t think straight. On a normal night, I’d be all about this stranger talking to me, but it’s hard to flirt when you’re terrified for your damn life. This guy is even my type… rough and rugged with a full head of light brown hair and even the perfect amount of scruff on his face. The bluest eyes attempt to pull at me, but I just can’t see past the nerves that’re flared up and practically suffocating me. 
“Hey… can I get another beer from the hot one?” I pop the top off and slide him his second before I shoot him a quick smile and get back to work. I know he’s talking about me, because the only other bartender, Merle hasn’t even been on this guy’s radar. 
He throws back a swig of beer, eyeing me the entire time. His sexy smirk almost pulls me off guard, but I quickly remember why I need to be careful tonight. I have to stay focused… my life depends on it.
I’m leaning over the bar, cleaning up a spill when I hear the doors slam open. My heart sinks into my chest every time anything is off in the slightest, only this time my anxiety is justified as Puck comes through the door. 
He’s been after me for a few days now and I’ve managed to hide from him since I wasn’t scheduled to work, but I knew tonight would be different. I already have my escape plan mapped out, so I slide to the ground and crouch low, staying out of his view.
I don’t stand up until I’m in the kitchen and have a clear path to the back door. Mike will probably fire me for this, but I have to leave now. The alternative is his bar becoming a massive mess, because I have no intention of being hauled out of here without a fight. I check for the bulge of the pistol in my backpack when I pull it from the hook in Mike’s office. 
My head is turned, looking back toward the bar as I feel for the back door. The warm metal reminds me how hot it is outside. A burst of air hits me when I push through the door and run into the chest of completely solid male. My screams come instantly, as I thrash and try to deter whoever this is from grabbing me, but I’m quickly silenced when I realize it’s the new guy from the bar who has his dirty ass hand over my mouth.
“What the fuck?”
“Don’t what the fuck me. You tell me why you’re hiding from the President of the largest MC club in this fucking state.” 
“I… I don’t have time. He’s going to take me if he catches me.”
“Tell me why I should help you?”
“I’m not asking for your damn help… just get the hell out of my way.” I yank my arms from his hold and start to move around him when he puts his hand over my mouth again and smashes me against the brick wall. 
“Shut up and go with it, if you want me to get your ass out of here.” His grip on my hair sends a sharp pain over my scalp as the power of his words fall over me. He starts to move his hips, grinding into me; the rough bricks slicing the skin on my back as he rips my shirt up just to the point where nothing indecent is showing. My bag fell to the ground the second he slammed me into the wall and I’m frustrated that I didn’t have my hand on the trigger the second I hit the back door. 
With his body pressing into mine, he shoves his hand between us and yanks his belt open and his zipper down. My heart starts pounding erratically, the fear of my worst nightmare coming to life. He hikes my legs around his waist and begins to shelter me with this forearms. “Grip your legs around my body.” My skirt barely covers my own ass. His hips continue to rotate into me, my panties being the only barrier between his dick and my pussy. It’s a good thing I wore my damn panties tonight.
He’s thick… and the pressure he’s putting against my clit is sending my mind into overdrive while I work to stay alert of our surroundings. I can hear footsteps behind him, my heart leaping out of my chest thinking about the consequences if I get caught.
“Slater… get your dick out of that whore and help us find this bitch.” He continues to thrust against me, moaning louder when the footsteps get closer.
“Leave me the fuck alone.” His facial hair scrapes across my cheek when he moves his face to the other side of mine to shield any view this guy could get of me. My fingers grip his shirt while I use all the strength I have in my legs to stay around his hips. This is much easier to do when there’s a dick holding you up.
“I’ll tell Boss you’re checking out the alley. You’d better hurry your dick up because he’s gonna have all of our asses if she slips away. He wants me watching the back door to catch her when she comes in. Bar owner says she’s supposed to be in later tonight.” Mike lied for me. I owe him yet again… guess this is one benefit of him saying he wants me to be more than just an employee. 
“Fine. Stop fucking talking.” His thrusting becomes more involved and deliberate. I send my fingernails over his back, stilling him for a few seconds before he starts in again. When the other guy is out of site… Slater freezes, allowing only a few inches between us. His eyes glaring into mine—hungry, chaotic, and enraged all at once. What is this guy doing? Why is he looking at me like this and why did he just save my life?
He slides a necklace over my head as he begins to whisper. “Storage building number twelve. Go there and wait for me. This key will get you inside. I’ll be a few hours, but you’ll be safe there.” He guides me to my feet and slides his jeans up over his hips, looking over his shoulder the entire time. My head is lowered as he speaks, my hair falling over my face to hide me from recognition. I don’t miss the view of his dick while he tucks the solid bulge behind his zipper, the prominence leaving nothing to the imagination.
“Why would I go with you?” He whips his head around to scowl at me. 
“Do you really have a fucking choice?” He moves closer, pinning me up against the brick wall once again. My eyes are locked with his even though he’s intimidating as hell and scaring me even more than I already have been. “I think me not putting my dick in you just now and saving your fucking ass should show you I’m not one of the assholes out to string you up.” 
“Fine… but don’t think this means I’ll owe you anything.”
“Babe… you’ll owe me big time before this is all over. I’ll let you pay me in pussy if you’re lucky. Now shut the fuck up and get to the storage building before I have to haul you over my fucking shoulder to get you out of here.” He turns to leave me standing in the dark shadows without saying another word. The stench of his confidence suffocating me before I have the chance to run for my life. 
“She’s not back here. I’ll watch the door; you go tell the others.” My knight in shining armor apparently wears leather because this Slater guy orders the man standing guard to leave, giving me the perfect opportunity to escape. 
I don’t waste any time to haul ass out of there the second he signals to me that it’s clear. I wore tennis shoes tonight for this very reason. The small puddles at my feet serve as a reminder of the rain we had this afternoon and complicate the speed that I can run. Some of these potholes are deeper than they seem, something I’m familiar with because I use this road to walk home each night from the bar.
I’m breathing heavy when I make it to the storage buildings, exhaling sharply as I use the key he gave me to open the lock to the door marked ‘12’. I slide it up just far enough to slip under and then quietly close it once again. It’s pitch black in here, so I allow my phone to light up the area in search of a way to secure the door. There’s locks on the inside, so I slide the pins into the position and retreat to the back wall to wait for any sign of life. 
Using the light, I scan the area and notice the space is completely empty. I’m not sure why anyone would rent an empty space like this, but I’m more than thankful that he has. I’m not sure why I’m putting my safety in this guy’s hands, but I am for the moment. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of looking behind my own back, trying to second guess what these guys will do to me. I knew my actions would have consequences… possibly even fatal, but even if I had it all to do over again, I would in a fuckin’ heartbeat. Puck can go to hell and I hope I’m the one who gets to send him there. 


Hilary Storm is a USA Today Best Selling Author who lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Oklahoma.  She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people.  She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting.  Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family.  


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