Release Day Blitz - Learning to Fight by J.M Black

Learning to Fight
J.M Black

Dark Water Covers

New Adult | Contemporary Romance

The darkness almost killed me once…

I survived. 
I survived my ex.
I survived myself. 
I pushed through.

Now I have to learn how to live again.
I thought learning to fight would help me be stronger. 
I never expected someone like Jax to teach me.
Someone who makes me want with just one look.
… This time I’ll fight with everything I have. 

I fight.

I teach others to fight.
I have no intention of being in a relationship, the one and done suits me just fine. 

Until I met Her.

She wants me to teach her how to fight.
After one look I think she just might be the biggest fight of my life.
The fight for her heart. 
Her trust.

A fight I have no intention of losing.

Just as I have that thought I look over at the door and see a very large muscular, tattooed torso. 
I mean its huge. 
It naked. 
His chest is naked. 
Can you blame me for that being the first thing I see. I force myself to move my gaze away from his abs, which are very very impressive, up his hard body to his face and my breath just stops.
The most intense pair of icey blue eyes are staring at me.
No they are devouring me. 
I feel myself blush at the heat I can feel coming from this guys gaze.
That intense gaze is still focused on me, making me increasingly uncomfortable with how much it is effecting me when all of the sudden its ripped away when a blond chick in a sports bra and spandex shorts slams into him from the side knocking him away from the door and out of my view. 
As soon as he broke eye contact I let out the breath I was holding. It isn’t until I see Mike and my Dad making there way toward the door that I force myself to move my wobbly legs and follow them. Just as I make it to the door I peek around my dad who is standing in the middle of the hall just in time to see the blond attaching her lips to my guy’s neck. 
My guy?!?! 
Not happening. 
I don’t know whats going on with me but even though I see him clearly trying to disentangle her from him I reach up to rub this pain in may chest I feel at seeing her wrapped around him like that. 
What the hell is my deal? 
I have seen this guy for all of like five seconds and I’m already jealous of some skank who is clearly barking up the wrong tree with this guy if the pissed off look on his face is anything to go by. Just as I am about to head back in the room and wait for my trainer I hear Mike yell.
“Max! What the fuck is going on?!”
I snap my gaze back to him and see him staring at me intently right before Mike hits Max on the back of the head with his clipboard. 
As in trainer Max?
Definitely got ahead of myself in the Things-Going-Right department. 
Fuck my life. 

J.M. Black is a twenty-something year old who loves spending time in fictional worlds. An avid reader since she can remember, an obsessed blogger and now a new author. She decided to follow her dreams of being an author instead of waiting for the right time- she created the right time. She has a pit bull fur baby named Chloe that thinks she is a lap dog at 97 lbs., a niece and a nephew she absolutely adores and can most likely be found reading on her kindle, watching TV or trying to get up the energy to hit the gym.

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