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Penny never intended watching him, but the window is right there. And, damn, those abs, that chest! Camo pants – worn like that – ought to be illegal. He’s way out of her league. And so young! But a girl can look, right? Ever since the divorce she’s just felt so… invisible. 

Military pilots get almost any woman they want. So when Ms. Penny Pyncher tells Chaz he’s too young for her, he can’t help but take a second look. She’s not his usual type. She’s sassy, she’s earthy. She’s real. Hell, if she doesn’t do something for him. 

A thirty-something divorcee and a twenty-something injured navel pilot fall head first into fate’s trap – a trap that lands them both in some serious sexual healing. And it’s good. It’s really good. The question is, can fate turn into love?


“A decade. An entire decade.” She stopped in front of the Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers dinners. Opening the freezer door, she picked out two lasagna dinners, two baked chicken dinners, and two chicken enchiladas and tossed them all in the basket.

Chaz flinched at the thought of all the preservatives she was going to consume.

“You on a diet or something?”

She counted the meals in her basket and let the door slam shut on the freezer case. “I don’t cook.” She shrugged.

“A decade is nothing. In the grand scheme of things.”

Then she picked out coffee and sugar free flavored creamer. “I’m also cynical and divorced.” 

And a box of donuts.

“You’re a strange woman, Penny."

“Not strange,” she responded without thinking. “Realistic.”

He could argue with her. He could tell her about the lives he’d been unable to save, lives of innocent kids who’d witnessed an eternity of hell.

Death was a deal breaker. All bets were off.  A decade. A divorce. They meant nothing.

He’d simply have to convince her.


Hell Hath No Fury (Book 1)


Cecily and Stephen's Story 

Cecily Nottingham has made a huge mistake!  She married an earl who, climbing out of her bed the next morning, admitted to only wanting her dowry. The rat loves another woman but won’t set Cecily free.  To keep the money, he must keep her. 

Raised by a ruthless businessman, Cecily refuses to accept the hand she’s been dealt and vows to free herself from her marriage. She is nobody’s milksop and at this point hasthe earl into divorcing her, she sets out to seduce his older cousin, Stephen Nottingham. And heaven help her, Stephen is everything her husband is not: Honorable, loyal, trustworthy…

Stephen Nottingham has returned to England to save his cousin’s estate from financial ruin but finds himself trying to save his cousin’s life instead. For the bounder betrayed his new countess something fierce and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Torn between strangling his cousin, and kissing his cousin’s wife, Stephen’s honor is in for one heck of a beating.  

Amid snakes, duels and a good catfight, Cecily realizes the game she’s playing has high stakes indeed.  There are only a few ways to end a marriage in Regency England and none of them come without a high price. Is she willing to pay it? Is Stephen? A ‘Happily Ever After’ hangs in the balance, because, yes, love can conquer all, but sometimes it needs a little bit of help.

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Hell In a Handbasket (Book 2)


Sophia and Captain Brookes 
Thus reads the Banns of marriage between Lord Harold Brooks  and Miss Sophia Babineaux:  If any of you know cause why these two should not be joined in Holy matrimony, ye are to declare it. 
Would anybody declare it?  Please?

THE BRIDE wants to declare it.  The heat Sophia feels for another man has given her a bad case of cold feet!  She’d never even been kissed, how was she to know the importance of sizzle? By the time she realizes her mistake it may be too late...

THE GROOM never wanted to marry Sophia in the first place. His interests (ahem) lie elsewhere. Unfortunately, with a duke for a father, Lord Harold’s opinion makes no difference at all.

So it’s up to war hero and rake, Captain Devlin Brooks to set matters right. He’s returned from war and ready to settle down, unfortunately the girl he’s wants is, well, ah… unavailable.... But he has a plan. 

Once set in motion, one lie turns into a spiral of deceit and guilt. Was one shot at heaven worth a lifetime of hell? Because love endures but the heart has it’s limits. 

Or does it?

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Hell's Belle (Book 3)

Emily's Story... In Progress

One Helluva Lady! (Book 4)

Rhoda's Story... In Progress


Married to the same man for over 25 years, I am a mother to three children and two Miniature Wiener dogs. After owning a business and experiencing considerable success, my husband and I got caught in the financial crisis and lost everything; our business, our home, even our car. At this point, I put my B.A. in Poly Sci to use and took work as a waitress and bartender. Unwilling to give up on a professional life, I simultaneously went back to college and obtained a degree in Energy Management. And then the energy market dropped off. And then my dog died. I can only be grateful for this series of unfortunate events, for, with nothing to lose and completely demoralized, I sat down and began to write the romance novels which had until then, existed only my imagination.  I am happy to have found my place in life. Finally.

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