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You + Me by Gina Azzi
The Senior Semester Series 
Publication Date: February 14, 2018 
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Eager for a career in government and excited to explore a new city, Emma Stanton is thrilled to accept an internship on Capitol Hill. When unexpected financial difficulties arise, she trades happy hours with colleagues for a second job, serving at D.C. restaurant Barracuda. Prepared for a semester of long hours and little fun, Emma’s outlook brightens after meeting her boss, Luke Harrington.
Luke has worked toward one goal his whole life: becoming a professional boxer. On the brink of his title shot, he inherits his late uncle’s restaurant and hires Emma on the spot. When she proves to be more than just an employee, Luke struggles to balance his business, his boxing, and his desire to win Emma’s heart.

Coming from two different worlds, Emma and Luke skirt around their mutual attraction, certain they can’t fit into each other’s futures. But what kind of idealist doesn’t chase her dreams? And what kind of boxer doesn’t fight for what he wants? As their hearts collide, so do their worlds... even the dark parts that threaten to keep them apart.

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“Emma,” I call out, stopping her so she turns around.
She looks at me expectantly and I take two strides over to her. I’m so close I can reach out and touch her which is what my fingers are itching to do but I restrain myself.
“I like you,” I blurt out. That was lame. This is harder than I thought. I know how to ask girls if they want to hookup for a night or meet for a quickie in a back alley. I have no clue how to date someone. “And I’m not good at this.” I gesture between us. What the hell is wrong with me? I tug on the back of my neck, looking down for a moment before meeting her gaze again.
Confusion crosses her features before a blush blooms in her cheeks, down her neck, spreading across her collarbone. Her eyes are wide, her lips parted slightly, and I know that any words I jumble out will ultimately fail me.
I pull her closer to me and when she doesn’t resist, I lower my mouth to hers and capture her lips in a kiss so searing I hope it burns a memory straight onto her heart. Pulling her closer, I try to get her to understand what I’m saying without actually saying it.
My hands move to frame her face and I tilt her head, giving myself more access to her mouth, to deepen the kiss, to strengthen the connection between us. God, she’s soft and sweet and curling against me in all the right places. I could lose myself in her if I’m not careful. But who wouldn’t want to lose themselves in a girl like Emma anyway?
A deliciously sweet moan falls from her lips and her hands trail up, her fingers closing around my wrists. Instead of pulling away, she inches closer and my heart stutters. Screw words, kissing is so much better. Sweeter. Hotter.
I kiss her fiercely, memorizing the feel of her soft skin against my calloused palms. Breathing her in, a delicious mixture of vanilla and coconut, I talk myself out of taking this further. Because as much as I want her body under me, I want her more. All of her. And I want her to want it all as much as I do.
Breaking apart, I run my thumbs over her cheekbones and keep her eyes trained on mine. Her eyes are clouded with the same lust that courses through my veins. Her lips are slightly swollen and a delicious pink I want to bite into all over again. Our breaths mingle, hot and heavy and full of want. Of more.
“Go out with me,” I whisper against her lips.
She nods.
And that’s the only confirmation I need before I kiss her all over again.

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About Gina Azzi

Gina Azzi writes NA Contemporary Romance with relatable, genuine characters experiencing real life obstacles, surprises, friendships, and love. She is the author of The Senior Semester Series and Corner of Ocean and Bay. A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent the last decade traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two children. She’s a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people.

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