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Say goodbye now, and forever...
The conclusion of Max and Josephine's story is here.

With the Last Goodbye by Len Webster is now live!


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It was always bros before hoes—except when Josephine Faulkner got involved.
The saying had been obliterated for Maxwell Sheridan the moment he met her. His Josephine. She had become his everything without even trying. It’s too damn bad that Max broke her heart. Left her behind to seek redemption for his past mistakes. Life with Josie was perfect. He had found his La Vie En Rose … Or so he thought.
One moment outside her apartment building changed it all.
Josephine Faulkner’s world erupted with a single phone call. She became numb with a revelation, and her beliefs held no meaning the moment Maxwell Sheridan left her. Gone was the perfection she thought they had found together. All the good taken away by his decision.
But his goodbye wouldn’t destroy her.
Josie has more important things to worry about than the shattered pieces of her heart. Because not even Max can stop her from saying the one goodbye that means the very most.
The very last goodbye that will hurt her in ways Maxwell Sheridan couldn’t.

PLEASE NOTE: With The Last Goodbye is NOT a standalone novel. It is the conclusion to Maxwell and Josephine's story, which begins in With The First Goodbye. You should read With The First Goodbye prior to reading With The Last Goodbye!

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About Len
Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ But until that moment happens, she writes. Having just graduated with her BBusCom from Monash University, Len is now busy writing her next romance about how a boy met a girl, and how they fell completely and hopelessly in love.
She is also not a certified explorer, but she’s working on it.

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