Release Blitz & Giveaway - Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2) by Bree Pierce


The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2
by Bree Pierce

He hated everyone. Even her.
A burning rage brought on by a pivotal moment in Bartholomew's life buried itself deep into his heart, transforming him into someone else entirely. His only salvation is when the Provincial General of the realm, Kato, whisks him away aboard his ship as he patrols the twelve kingdoms to ensure peace. Kato is determined to rid Bartholomew of his anger and bring back the man he was.
Two years later, Bartholomew only wants her forgiveness. But everyone has secrets. Even Kato. A journey into The Dark Forest of Mimas endangers the happiness of both men as they attempt to eliminate the threat of the undead to the realm.


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One unique woman. Two Kings who covet her. One for love and one for greed. 

A chance sighting at the annual peace treaty in the snowy province of Oselma unearths one of the 12 kingdoms greatest secrets. Anastacia has been hidden away for over 20 years. Living with an old witch until she's seen by two kings, now she must help keep the peace by traveling to Tyberia to meet King Dejen, and then to Cantilla to visit King Carlos. While Dejen was very kind to her, Carlos is the complete opposite and she becomes his captive. At the mercy of a mad king, Anastacia awaits her fate, desperately hoping for someone to save her.

I have always lived in the deep south, Arkansas, and grew up in a very rural area. Some of that you will see that I have incorporated into my books. I like the small town and rural area feel of things. I am married to a wonderful husband and have four fantastic kids and two rambunctious dogs. My days are busy and hectic because I am a stay-at-home mom, but I love it! Writing is just one of the things I am passionate about! I also love to read and have always enjoyed art.

What I write: a little bit of everything, but much of my work is centered around paranormal romance and vampires. Some of them have more horror and less romance. I have one high fantasy book out and one short erotic novella (no vampires included!).

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