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However Dark The Night 

Philippa Cameron

Publication date: October 6th 2017

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

When Alex meets Erin, he doesn’t realize he’s fallen for her until it’s too late. And he can never let Erin find out how he feels because he’s an Oxy and she’s a Blue. In a world where the air has changed, leaving the Blues unable to breathe properly, the power is in the hands of those who can – the Oxys. Alex has much more to lose than just his heart, but how do you stop yourself from falling in love?
However Dark The Night is a contemporary novel in the Elements series. Each novel is a stand-alone book, linked by its connection to one or more of the elements – earth, wind, fire and water. However Dark The Night is linked to the element of air.
Also read The Day We Are Born, which is also a stand-alone book in the Elements series, and is linked to the element of water, and Every Move I Have Made, linked to the element of earth.
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Erin held my eyes for a moment but she broke away, saying, over my shoulder, “What do you want?”
I turned sharply. Erin’s mother, making a rare appearance, was standing on the threshold of the room, taking in Erin’s hand that still lay in mine. I dropped it.

“What are you doing?” Erin’s mom asked in a dull voice, her fingers trying to comb through her matted hair.
She seemed lucid but her eyes were glazed and hooded.

“I’m about to take off all my clothes,” said Erin, and I hoped her mother didn’t catch my sharp intake of breath.

Her mom sighed.

“Always got a clever comment, don’t you?”

“We’re just doing our homework, Mrs Parker,” I said quickly, hoping to defuse something ugly. Erin hadn’t tried to hide the fact from her parents that I was an Oxy; in fact, she liked throwing it in their faces. They didn’t prevent me from coming around but the atmosphere was always tense.

“You’re no fun,” said Erin, squinting at me. Her mother picked at her teeth. “So mom, if you don’t mind, please shut the door on the
way out.”

“Actually,” Mrs Parker said, “We’re gonna leave that open.” And she shoved my schoolbag in front of the door and walked away. We could both hear the crack in the kitchen as she snapped a couple more beers out of a pack.

“With the amount that my mother drinks,”
said Erin, “you’d think she’d be a lot more fun. Just because she had me when she was sixteen, she thinks I will do the same thing. As if!”

She looked up at me, frowning. “And I mean, really, it’s only you, Alex.”

And my heart ached.

Author Bio:
A little bit about me: I'm Philippa Cameron, the author of three Young Adult books. I love reading Young Adult novels. And books from other genres too. Any of them. All of them. Good thing, then, that I'm also a librarian..


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