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Beautiful Mine
by Jordyn White
(Beautiful Rivers, #1)
Publication date: September 10th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When fellow Californians Whitney Spencer and Connor Rivers meet in the most unlikely of places—on the Camino pilgrimage in Spain—they fall head first into a brief, impassioned love affair. But Whitney’s on her way back to her career in San Francisco, and Connor is a world traveler whose restless spirit has yet to be captured by anyone. 
Tragedy strikes and Connor is called home to help his siblings run the family business, the Rivers Paradise Resort. Yet the adventurer inside him hasn’t gone away; in fact, his wanderlust is on the verge of destroying his family’s fragile stability. 
After Whitney’s career brings her to Connor’s resort, the sparks between them flare. Will her reappearance be enough to tame him? Can their love be enough, or are they destined for another gut-wrenching goodbye? 
The Beautiful Rivers Series:

There are people everywhere. In the hall. In the courtyard. On the street. In the hotel lobby.
We’re walking close, my hand in his. The memory of our kiss lingers on my lips like a physical presence. I just want to be alone with him. I want him to kiss me again, longer this time.
As we wait for the elevator in the hotel lobby, two other people are waiting as well. Connor and I look at one another. No longer a wondering look, this is a look of desire.
The doors open and we all file in. Connor hits the number 7 as we enter, then pulls us into the back corner. We let go of hands and slide arms around waists instead. One of the men hits the number 3 and the other says, “Quatro, por favor.”
It takes forever. Connor looks at me, his thumb subtly rubbing along my side, making my nerves dance. I’m taking in those blue eyes—god, they’re so intense—and running my hand slowly up his back... then slowly down to his waist.
Second floor.
He leans close to my ear, to whisper something I thought. Instead he plants a soft, hot kiss just under my earlobe. I want to close my eyes and lean my head back, but the people. I hold my breath, scoot closer, tighten my hold on his body.
Third floor.
The car stops. The bell dings. Connor and I watch the doors expectantly. It is an eternity before they finally bloody open and the first man steps out.
We’re faced forward now as the car finally starts to move again. We keep a sharp eye on the digital number above the door, watching as the three changes to a four, eager for the last occupant to leave the car so we can finally, finally be alone.
Fourth floor. Connor’s hand spreads on the side of my waist, pressing firmly, holding me to him. The bell dings and I’m hardly breathing. The doors slide open and there is a quiet moment of panic as we see there’s a woman and her child on the other side, waiting to get on.
The man leaves, the two start to get in before realizing this car is going up when she wants to go down, and they mercifully step back to wait for another car.
As the doors begin to close, seconds away from giving us our privacy, our hold on one another tightens. As soon as the gap in the doors disappears, he angles me back against the wall, his body in front of me, pressing against me. He cups my jaw with one hand, my lips part slightly,and he pauses.
Only for a moment.
Just long enough to hold my eyes and make me see him before his lips are on me and my arms are around him and his body is against me hard.

Author Bio:
Jordyn White writes steamy romances featuring smart, sexy women and the swoon- worthy men who adore them. Her sexy love stories are full of passion but don’t skimp on the tenderness. She’s addicted to trendy coffee houses, poolside lounging, and HEAs. When not tapping blissfully away on her laptop, she takes time to enjoy life with her husband and their children.

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