NEW RELEASE - The Scylla Dragons by Bree Pierce

The Scylla Dragons 
by Bree Pierce
Genre: Fantasy Romance/New Adult/Mythology
Cover Designer: Amanda Walker


Betrayal. He betrayed her. He betrayed his friends. He betrayed two islands of dragon shifters. Charged with the mission to find the most powerful dragon on Leda, the fierce black dragon shifter Pierre, unexpectedly finds his one true mate on the peaceful island. She's a fiery redhead with an independent streak, and coincidentally, her friend is the one Pierre is searching for. Liliana is a loose cannon that wishes away the memory of her abilities after almost killing someone. Her vast amount of power and unknown origins lead her down the path to answers she covets the most. As for the traitor that walks amongst them, the truth always emerges. If he loses his mate, he will perish.

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