Release Blitz & Review: The Marriage Pact by K. Larsen & Mara White


Ryan Walters and Jackie Bowen became instantaneous friends during their wild and free years of college. He, the rugged, yet all American football player from a stable family fell hard for Jackie, the exuberant, spontaneous girl from a broken home who lived and loved life to the fullest. Too young to commit and wary of damaging the unique bond they shared, the friends to lovers make a pact promising to find one another again at the age of thirty and marry—if not already committed.

Years apart, after much growth and change, the two best friends seek one another out. In college, neither Jackie or Ryan could possibly know that every relationship to come would fall short of the one they’d shared together all those years ago.

When the two meet again, love and chemistry soar beyond their wildest dreams and they agree to make good on their promise. But a second chance at love can be fickle and fleeting. 

The Marriage Pact is a story about letting go and loving with your whole heart no matter the circumstance—or how much it hurts.

​The Marriage Pact, the second book in The Viral Series following Missed Connection, by romance authors K. Larsen and Mara White is based on a heartbreaking viral Reddit post.


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**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

"You are...everything. Please let me love you. Please."

The first book I read by these authors was Missed Connection, which was one of my favorite reads of last year. So I was pretty excited to get my hands on this book. I enjoy friends-to-lovers romances and from what I already had read from these authors my expectations were high. Unfortunately this book did not meet that expectations. There were things I really liked, I enjoyed reading about Jackie and Ryan's unconventional friendship. I really loved it, and I wish we got to see more of that. It felt like a lot of parts were missing from the story, which made it really hard for me to connect with the characters and the story. Some REALLY heartbreaking things happened in this book, and I should've been prepared but I wasn't. However my reaction to it wasn't as extreme as it would've been if I was all in.

"If we're both single when you turn thirty, if we haven't met anyone else, then we'll marry each other."

The time that Ryan and Jackie were apart was really long, however I think it was good for them to grow as individuals and to figure out what they really wanted from life. However this was a big part of the story and them not being in contact got old real fast. The Marriage Pact was an okay read for me. I loved the writing and the characters, even though Jackie sometimes annoyed me with her pushing Ryan away, she needed to heal from all the heartbreaking events in her life. I do love that the story was based on a viral Reddit post, I am on Reddit daily and will now search for that post. Just because this book didn't meet my expectations, doesn't mean it won't meet yours. I still recommend this book to readers who love heartbreaking friend-to-lovers stories.

K. Larsen
K. Larsen
I am an avid reader, coffee drinker, and chocolate eater who loves writing. I received my B.A. from Simmons College-a while ago. I currently live with my daughter in Maine. I’m working on my sixth novel out later this year. I’ve published Tug Of War, Objective, Resistance, Saving Caroline, 30 Days, Committed and Dating Delaney. Enjoy! I love hearing from you so please feel free to contact me!

Mara White
Mara WhiteMara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.

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