NEW RELEASE & COVER REVEAL - 5 Days Until Christmas by JESS SIMS

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At just 4 years old little Macey lost her father. Life was never the same for this little girl or her mother. It left a big hole in their lives, one that they would never dream of replacing. Christmas was his favourite holiday of the year, every time it came around it wasn’t filled with festive times like it used to be. It was filled with a bit of sadness, she missed and yearned for him dearly. But with another Christmas on the way, will it be a different one? And what will Santa bring her this year?

Keep your eyes peeled.....

If you like this story, then you will love the collection of stories in the 'Love, Lust & Scary Monsters - Muscular Dystrophy Anthology.

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Let me tell you a little bit about me. As you already know, I'm a self-publishing author. I have two books out so far called 'Breaks All Of My Heart' and 'Resuscitating All Of My Heart.' They're both in a series called 'The Heart Series.' At the moment I've finished working on a story for an anthology full of welsh authors. I'm also running my own anthology for Muscular Dystrophy (as well as writing a short story for it) and writing an MC book. My passion and love for writing all started from reading several books here and there. One day I had a thought about writing my own book, and I kept asking myself 'Can I write a book?' At first, I thought that I wouldn't be able to do it, but then something struck me, and I was believed in. I put pen to paper and on the 23rd June 2015 my first book was born.

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