Cover Reveal + Pre - order - FRACTURED BREATHS by Zoey Derrick

Releasing 12.19.2016!

Cover Model: Rachael Baltes
Cover Photographer: CJC Photography
Cover Design: Parajunkee Design



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I breathe in.

I breathe out.
I eat, sleep and breathe. 
I'm surviving.
I'm a survivor.

I'll do whatever it takes to keep my life moving forward. 

I shouldn't want to. I should want to be buried in the ground somewhere. I'm stronger than that, better than that. Right? 

My name is Becca Carpenter and no one really knows who I am. Becca Carpenter isn't even my real name. 

I slink in and out of the shadows because it's the only way I know I'll survive.

They're after me. One day, they'll find me.

Life takes a turn for the better, but I never expected to find a calm happiness in Phoenix, Arizona. But like everything else, I've destroyed that bliss, and my best friend. It's what I do, how I survive.

Falling in love with a man in the spotlight is definitely not in the cards of my life’s story. 

But Bryan Hayes, country music's biggest superstar, has other ideas about my past. The only problem is he can't see I'm not the person I pretend to be. He wants me, but will the secrets of my past destroy him?

God knows, it's killing me.


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