Release Day Review ~ Of Winged Creatures & Nesting Grounds by A. Wilding Wells

Of Winged Creatures & Nesting Grounds

Trapped in a cage…

I was running against time and desperate to conquer my fears with my “don’t forget to be awesome” plan. 
One night, I was sulking over my uglier-than-homemade-sin life and reeling from another painful loss. As I thought about my new life, a handsome gent named Hunt Hardick sat next to me. He looked like a good start and was likely a hell of a finish. Suddenly, my plan took on a life of its own.

After a long day as one of San Francisco’s most prominent ob/gyns, I stopped at a bar for a bourbon and a mental break from my ex, who I couldn’t seem to bleach from my system. One glance at Happy’s tearstained angelic face and I was done. I’d never been a guy to turn down a stunning woman who also looked like a beautiful project. 

Hunt was a key in my locked cage that once opened meant I might fly away.

An emotionally charged, rich with feeling story about survival, triumph, and a girl named Happy Go Lucky who had a plan. A plan that didn’t include the ruggedly sexy gynecologist who inserted himself in her life.


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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 4 stars

"Maybe it's unrealistic to want to look into a woman's eyes and see her soul."

I just knew I had to get my hands on this book as soon as possible, and I didn't even read the blurb. This is my third book by the author and she keeps coming up with very unique and refreshing plots and amazing characters. I already knew before I started reading the book that it would be different than any other romance book I have read before. A. Wilding Wells really delivered crazy, funny, beautiful and sometimes very emotional scenes. Also I ADORE her covers, they are so beautiful and different. You just want to pick it up and know what the book is about.

"It's important to look at the ugly things in life as exquisite gifts, which will give you wisdom eternally."

This book is about Hunt and Happy. Hunt is a gynecologist , which isn't a career choice many male characters have in romance books. Which made me love him even more because he was so different. He was not really an alpha male but also not a beta, he was in between. He was such a good person, he made me smile a lot. The things he did for and to Happy made me swoon a lot. He did things that regular alpha males wouldn't do and he was so confident about it. You just got to love a man who is so sure of himself and isn't easily embarrassed.

Happy is a woman with so many plans but doesn't really know how to go about it. She wants to experience so many new things but hasn't really taken the first step to achieve it. Fortunately Hunt was there to make her experience many firsts. I just loved how Hunt encouraged Happy to go after what she wanted. He was so supportive and awesome about it. He made her feel like she could take on the world. They both did some major growing in this book and for me character development is very important in books. The author did such a great job by showing that in this book. I was there each step of the way. I saw both of they grow and blossom. There were a couple of very emotional scenes which in my opinion fit perfectly into the story and even elevated it to a higher level

"This is a woman who's leaving marks on my heart and burning an imprint on my soul."

This book exceeded my expectations. It was a very good contemporary romance like you have never seen before. It had unique characters that did things you didn't see coming. The author keeps on surprising me with her creative mind. I don't know where she gets all the ideas from but she needs to keep them coming. I rarely blindly pick up books but I will continue to do so with the books written by A. Wilding Wells. I have no idea what she will come up with next but I can't wait to be surprised by her future quirky characters. If you want books with funny, quirky, sassy, crazy, unexpected, beautiful and sometimes emotional scenes then definitely pick up this author's books.

About A. Wilding Wells

A. Wilding Wells

A. Wilding Wells is an author, storyteller and creative visionary that writes provocative adult contemporary romance novels. She describes herself as a passionately-obsessive, balance-seeking, oxymoron-living, modern-day dirty-minded woman. She lives on a ranch on the west coast with her husband, four boys and about enough animals to sink an ark.

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