Release Day Review - A Promise of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #1) by Amanda Bouchet


“Cat” Catalia Fisa lives disguised as a soothsayer in a traveling circus. She is perfectly content avoiding the danger and destiny the Gods—and her homicidal mother—have saddled her with. That is, until Griffin, an ambitious warlord from the magic-deprived south, fixes her with his steely gaze and upsets her illusion of safety forever.


Griffin knows Cat is the Kingmaker, the woman who divines the truth through lies. He wants her as a powerful weapon for his newly conquered realm—until he realizes he wants her for much more than her magic. Cat fights him at every turn, but Griffin’s fairness, loyalty, and smoldering advances make him increasingly hard to resist and leave her wondering if life really does have to be short, and lived alone. 


**ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I was in the mood for a Fantasy Romance book and the blurb of this book sounded amazing. Wow! This book exceeded all my expectations. I am blown away with the world Amanda Bouchet has created. This book is refreshing, unique, adventurous and funny. Also there is just the right amount of action and romance added to perfect the story. I was intrigued and hooked from the first page. 

A Promise of Fire starts with Cat working as a soothsayer in a circus. She can tell when someone is lying. Griffin is a warlord who meets Cat and wants to use her for her powers. I absolutely loved their first interaction. Cat is such a smartass and isn't afraid of anything. He ends up kidnapping her and takes her with him to his home. The days on the road weren't all without pain and struggle. Cat can't stand Griffin and fights him at every turn. There's are also Griffin's brother and two friends who made this book even more enjoyable with their smart remarks and jokes. Cat really did put up a struggle and I was amazed by how long she kept it up. She has secrets that no one can know about and she is in constant danger. She doesn't want to feel something for these men because she doesn't want to put them in harms way. The more she pushed the more they protected her. 

I loved every character in this book and they all added so much to this story. Cat has found her way into my top 10 favorite badass female characters. She is a smartass, caring, loyal and strong. Griffin was such an alpha male and he was the perfect guy for Cat. He was loyal, protective and honest. Their push and pull relationship had me laughing out loud a couple of times. They were the perfect match!

This book is definitely one of my all time favorite Fantasy books. It was phenomenal and I loved the writing. I wouldn't change anything about this book. This book is a gem in the Fantasy genre and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. The ending didn't left me hanging, so don't be afraid to start this series. Amanda Bouchet is an author to look out for!


Amanda Bouchet grew up in New England where she spent much of her time tromping around in the woods and making up grand adventures in her head. It was inevitable that one day she would start writing them down. Drawing on her Greek heritage for the setting and on her love of all things daring and romantic for the rest, her debut trilogy, The Kingmaker Chronicles, took form. She writes what she loves to read: epic exploits, steamy romance, and characters that make you laugh and cry.

A French master’s graduate and former English teacher, Amanda lives in Paris, France. She met her husband while studying abroad, and the family now includes two bilingual children who will soon be correcting her French.

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