NEW RELEASE - Malt Me by DL Gallie


Malt Me by DL Gallie 

The Liquor Cabinet Series #1 
Publication Date: August 7, 2016 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
  Book 1 - Malt Me

They look at me with pity. They treat me like I’m broken, made of glass. One wrong move and I’ll shatter, never to be mended again. But they’re wrong, I survived. I won’t let him or anyone ruin my life. I refuse to let them win. I am Mackenzie Merlot. I am strong. I am a survivor. Beer: it’s all I ever loved. It’s all I ever thought about until she came crashing into my life; literally. I missed my chance at the beginning, but now that I have her, I will do anything for her and our dream; but I failed. I’m Jordan McRoberts; I will do anything to make sure she gets her happily ever after.



About DL Gallie

I’m from Queensland in Australia but I have lived all around the world. I’m currently living in Gladstone with my husband and two kids. I’ve been with my husband since I was 16, and even though we drive each other nuts at times, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I got back into reading just after I had my son and with some encouragement from my husband I started to write, and now the voices won’t stop. I enjoy listening to music, drinking white wine in Summer, Red wine in Winter, beer all year round, I won’t say no to a cocktail either (specifically a margarita), reading and now writing.
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