REVIEW - Right (Wrong #2) By Jana Aston

Release Date: April 6, 2016

Cover Designed By: J.A. Huss


My childhood was perfect.

I’ve led a charmed life, and I’m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy.

I’ve got my sights set on my brother’s best friend.

He’s known my family for years. He’s reliable and kind and handsome.

Sure, he’s been avoiding me since I was six.

I’m a bit aggressive for him, maybe.

But he’s the one… right?

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"But I’m open to trying whatever your thing is. Unless it’s anal. I’m saving anal for marriage."

A very funny and light romance. I absolutely loved Everly. I want to be her!!! She is awesome: funny, crazy and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is a very colorful character! Normally I don't read a lot of funny romances because I am more of a dark romance lover. But I was in a book funk and couldn't get into any book I picked up, so I decided to try something light. I decided to give Right a chance and was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it. I was sucked in right away and wanted to know what would happen in this book. The major thing that made me love this book was that the main character Everly was just the most awesome person. The way she talked to her friends and strangers was very refreshing. This book itself was refreshing. 

"Sparks do not fly. Chills do not run through my body. I do not suddenly recognize this man as my soulmate based on a handshake. Such bullshit. His hand is nice though."

The author did such a great job with this book. Everly got herself in strange situations, I couldn't believe how persistent she was. She really went after what she wanted, and she didn't let go. I was glad the author didn't drag it out. The first few chapters went back and forth between the past and present (VERY SMALL CHAPTERS!!) and gave us a great idea what Everly was up to. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book but I did almost give it 3 stars because of something that happened in the last quarter of the book. It was a bit cliche. It added unnecessary drama. I think if the character handled the situation better I wouldn't have minded it that much.

"I tap on the side of the glass and Steve waves his little fish fin at me while blowing bubble kisses. No, not really. He’s a fish, and they do absolutely nothing"
"Sorry, I had to buy you dinner,” I explain while I unwrap half of my brat, like a burrito.
“Why’s that?” he asks, taking a bite of his.
“My roommate insisted it’s the polite thing to do before I fuck you".
"Anyway, why can’t I suck your dick tonight? You’re being unreasonable."


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Jana Aston Author Pic
Jana Aston is the New York Times bestselling author of WRONG.

She quit her super boring day job to whip up another book & is hoping that was not a stupid idea.

In her defense, it was really boring.

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