Release Day Blitz & Review: Coast (Kick, Push 2) by Jay McLean

COAST (Kick Push 2) – by Jay McLean
Series: The Road #3, Kick Push #2
Release Date: June 7, 2016

One life-changing summer.
One boy.
The boy.
The boy who offered me safe touches and heart-stopping smiles - smiles he shared with his son.
We filled our days with porch-step kisses,
filled our ears with laughter,
filled our hearts with love.
Deep, soul-aching, desperate love.
But love is misleading.
It’s an invisible, fleeting moment.
Somewhere between false adoration and pure hatred comes an emotion, a vulnerable need, a single desire.
It lives within the ones who miss it, who crave it,
who know better than to expect it.
Love is relentless.
Even when that love turns to hate, turns to loathing,
turns to pain.
Love should heal you.
But it can also break you.
Believe me, I know…
Because I'm Becca Owens - a broken girl…
…And he's Josh Warden - the boy who broke me.


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**Received ARC in exchange for an honest review**


"After a moment, her lips curve into a smile, and I die. A thousand deaths. Over and over."

When I read Kick Push I thought it was a stand-alone and was surprised by the ending. Since that moment I was looking forward to Coast because I needed to know what would happen between Josh and Becca. 

"So I kicked, and I pushed, and for the past year, that's all I've been doing because it didn't feel the same and I knew in my heart that without her, I'd never be able to coast."

In Coast we continue where we left off in Kick Push. Becca and Josh are seperated, Josh is traveling the world and competing in Skateboard competitions. Becca has moved to another city to live with her dad and attend college. Even though they don't see each other, they are on each other's minds. Their reunion wasn't easy because there are just so many things left unsaid. Becca has a horrible past and still struggles with overcoming her fears. Josh wants to be there for her but she wants to do it on her own. I admire her for her strength. She was in a really bad place but found a way to overcome it. 

"You realize that you could have come to me shattered, broken, in an infinite of pieces, and I would've made you whole. I would have loved you. Every damaged piece of you. In all ways and for always."

Josh can't focus on his competitions because Becca is on his mind and if it was up to him he would quite traveling so much and be there for Becca. However he has other people he has to think about and one of them is Tommy. He is one of my all time favorite characters. He is just the cutest little guy and my favorites scenes were the ones with him in it. I especially enjoyed the parts with Becca and Tommy. He is so funny and grown-up for his age sometimes. He also made me sad a couple of times because he missed his dad so much. Those scenes broke my heart. 

"My safe place is the knowledge that when I fall, they will help me fly. Help me soar. Help me coast."

What I loved most about this book was the character development. Because they were essential for this story. Jay really took the time to have both of them heal and grow as individuals before they could grow as a couple. In this book they both go through some stuff which broke my heart and had me crying as well. I was glad that they supported each other in times of need. I also want to mention that I was happy that nothing was dragged out and there wasn't any unecessary drama. Every scene in this book was important to the overall story. There was nothing I would change about this book. I would maybe add a couple of chapters because I couldn't get enough! I hope Jay will write a novella because I need more of Josh, Becca and Tommy!

"If I am the land, and Josh is the sea, Tommy is the shore that completes us." 


#1 Kick Push
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Jay is an avid reader, writer, and most of all, procrastinator. When she's not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her two little boys, or devouring some tacky reality TV show. She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her smile, make her hurt, and make her feel. For publishing rights (Foreign & Domestic) Film, or television, please contact her agent, Erica Spellman-Silverman, at Trident Media Group.

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