Review: Karma (Drag Me To Hell. #1) by Nadine Nightingale

People call me all sorts of names—bad girl, black sheep, and my all-time favorite...Satan’s bride. I could blame the fact I’m a witch for my behavior, but the truth is I’m infuriating, arrogant, and stab-worthy. 

Alex Remington is a hunter and everything I’m not—righteous, honest, caring. We used to have a thing, but that was before he learned I’m a witch and tried to kill me. 

Eighteen months later, he’s back in my life and we have a deal; I’ll help him save his brother and he’ll disappear from my life for good. 

But karma can be a real bitch…


Awesome paranormal book full of surprises!
I was in the mood for a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy book and when I came across this book I was intrigued. This book showed me why I love the beautiful and magical urban fantasy world. Anything can happen and that makes the story so unpredictable.

Karma is about Amanda who is a witch, and her ex boyfriend Alex who is a hunter and needs her help. It was pretty obvious that Amanda and Alex didn't part ways peacefully. But he needs and she is the only one he knows that can help him. I loved both characters. They were still attracted to each other but a hunter and witch just doesn't go together, it's taboo! What I really enjoyed and made this book more of an Urban Fantasy than a paranormal romance novel was that romance didn't play such a big part in this book. It was more on the background and just what I was looking for in this book. The author did a great job with combining action, magic, romance and mystery. I was super intrigued and really focused. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. I have no idea what to expect because this book had an open ending, however I do want to see more of these characters.

About the Author

A passionate reader and writer, addicted to the dark side of the craft. Nadine grew up with Marvel heroes and horror films. She loves stories that challenge gender stereotypes, religious beliefs and tackle topics such as racism and cultural differences in an entertaining way. Nadine has a BA in Comparative Religions and studied Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. If she isn’t traveling the world, she’s reading, writing, or watching movies.

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