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Everything was fine until that innocent little rich girl walked into my garage. Since the second I laid my eyes on her, all I've wanted to do is get my dirty hands on her pure body.
There's one minor obstacle standing in my way, but I've got a plan. All I've got to do is breed her, and she’ll be mine forever.
Warning: This book is over-the-top, insta-love breeding. There's nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. If you want it hot and dirty, this is it!
*whispers* There's a sweet smutty surprise at the end.

Chapter 1 *Paine*
“Where the fuck did that piece of ass come from?” Pulling my head out from under the hood of the car, I follow Butch’s line of sight. He lets out a low whistle while staring out one of the garage doors. Irritation and jealousy shoot through my body, and I have no fucking clue why. Maybe it’s the way he said it or the tone of his voice, but I look past him to see what he’s talking about.
The blonde we both have our eyes on now looks like she stepped off a runway. Or what I’m guessing a runway model would look like. Although from the pictures I’ve seen in magazines of models, her curves are better. Her platinum-blonde hair hangs all the way to her waist where the ends start to curl. It makes me want to wrap my finger around one of them, grab a fistful of it as I pump my cock inside her. I wonder how she’d moan as I drove in and out of her.
Her short dress hugs her curves in all the right places and shows off her long legs. My eyes track down her stems to the ridiculously tall heels she’s wearing. I have no idea how she’s even walking in them on the uneven concrete that covers the front of my shop. The way she’s dressed makes me think she must be rich royalty. What she’s doing here I have no fucking clue because she clearly doesn’t fit.
She looks over at us, like she feels us watching her. Her gray eyes meet mine, and it’s like a sucker punch to my system. All the air leaves my lungs, and all my blood rushes to my cock. It makes me feel light-headed, and I grip the car I’m working on for support.
I’m too fucking old to get a hard-on just by looking at a chick. Twenty-eight isn’t old, but it’s too old to be getting turned on by something so simple. Too old to be having dirty thoughts about a random chick, something I haven’t done since I was a randy teenager. I don’t go dipping my dick into any random hole. A half-smile pulls at her lips, and it’s as if she’s trying to play innocent or some shit. Must be part of her game.
When she finally pulls her eyes from mine, I feel an unexplainable loss. Shit. That can’t be good.
“I got this one boss,” Butch says with a shit-eating grin on his face. It’s a look I know all too well, and I can see he’s making like he’s going to go greet the blonde piece of ass at the front of the office. Before he can make it two feet, I’m grabbing him by the arm.
That isn’t fucking happening. Butch always has women wrapped around his finger. Scratch that, wrapped around his dick is more like it. He’s got women falling at his feet whenever we go out, and it’s probably because he’s always running his mouth. From what he says, I seem to have a ‘don’t talk to me’ look pasted across my face, scaring them all away.
I have the urge to lay him out for just thinking about talking to her, but I push the feeling back because it’s fucking ridiculous. Like either one of us have a chance with a woman like that. Who knows what she’s doing in a small-ass town like this. Probably passing through and something went wrong with her ride. Here today, gone tomorrow. The thought makes my gut clench. I’ll need a taste before she’s gone. Something I’m sure won’t be easy.
“Finish dropping the engine in. I got her.” The irritation in my voice is clear as I order him back to work. I want to be the first to talk to her, but I see Joey beat me to the punch when I enter the front of the office.
“How long has it been making that sound?” Joey asks, pulling a pen from her dark black ponytail. When her hair catches the light a certain way, it almost looks blue.
“Well I was—” The blonde duchess stops talking when she finally notices I’ve joined them in the office. A slight blush hits her cheeks, and it makes my cock jerk. Double shit. A goddamn blush is making my cock ache with need.
I hear Joey drop the notepad down onto the counter, and I look over to see her rolling her eyes and returning the pen to her ponytail.
“I was sure it would be Butch.” Joey says with a smirk on her face. I’m sure she did think it would be Butch. Because chasing ass isn’t something I do. But it seems this little duchess has me bending some rules.
“He’s busy and he needs your help.” It’s a lie. Butch can finish the job on his own, but I don’t need Joey in here giving me lip or stocking up on things she can give me shit about later.
She snorts, but exits out the door I just entered and leaves me and the duchess all alone.
We both just stare at each. I’ve never seen a woman so perfect in my life. There is something about her, how flawlessly she is put together, that makes me want to throw her on the floor and fuck her right there. She’d be so dirty when I was done with her. The grease on my hands would smudge all over her clothes, her hair would be wild after I drove in and out of her, and her make-up would be smeared. I could look at her and know I did that. That I made this perfect little slip of a woman get dirty for me and she’d love it, beg me to do it over and over again until she was dripping with my cum.
She finally breaks eye contact, pulling those gray eyes from mine. It’s then I realize that I’m staring at her like a love-struck puppy. I clear my throat and get to the subject before I cum in my pants thinking about all the things I want to do to her.
“Your ride?” My voice comes out deeper than I mean for it to be as I make my way around the counter. I need to get a little space between us and cover up my hard cock before I scare her off.
“Oh yeah,” she says, biting her lip. I want to tell her to stop that, but I just brace my arms on the counter, waiting for her to continue. “I just got to town, and it started making some weird thumping noise.”
She looks like a scared rabbit, ready to bolt at any moment. I need to pull it back before I make her run. If she knew the things I was thinking about moments ago, she’d be long gone. I’m guessing the men she’s been with were smooth and soft with her, something I’m not sure I could be, but hell, if she asked I would sure as hell try just to have her beneath me for a few minutes. But I don’t think a few minutes would ever be enough with someone like her. I bet a taste would drive a man to his knees. She’s not used to talking to a dirty grease monkey like me. No, she’s more into suits and polos down at the country club. The thought of someone else touching her has a red haze hitting my eyes. They wouldn’t know what to do with her. I may not even know what to do with her, but I would die trying to give it to her. A woman like her should be worshiped and fucked regularly.
“It’s probably just your fan belt,” I finally say, trying to pull my thoughts from wanting to fuck her.
“Is that an easy fix? I have a ton of stuff I need to get done.”
I bite my tongue to keep from saying something rude. I’m sure duchess here has a big day of shopping ahead of her and doesn’t want to spend it in a dirty garage with the likes of me. I reach out wanting her keys, and she jumps back. She looks down at my hands, and I realize they aren’t the prettiest. They’re still smeared with grease from the last car I had my hands inside of. They show signs of manual labor, something she’s probably never done before. I bet her skin is soft and silky all over. Her hands wrapped around my cock would feel a whole lot better than my own, which is all my dick has been getting for a very long time. Maybe that’s why my dick is begging for something it shouldn’t be wanting right now.
“Keys,” I snap, making her jump again. I’m irritated that my hand repulsed her, and I can’t help the tone of my voice. I look up, and I can see the pulse in her neck start to pick up as she looks back at the door. I see what she’s thinking, but I put a stop to it.
“Only shop in town, duchess. Give me the keys.”
Her gray eyes go hard at the nickname, and she gives me an icy glare. Fuck. Even that turns me on. I’m starting to think there isn’t anything she could do to turn me off. How can someone piss you off and turn you on at the same time? I’m not sure how she’s doing it, but she is.
She digs in her purse, pulling her keys out and tossing them to me. I catch them in the air, wishing she would have just handed them to me. I could have stolen a touch and found out if she’s as soft as she looks.
“Come back in hour and she’ll be good to go.” I point to the clipboard on the counter. “Fill out your name and number so I can call you if I’m done before you’re back.”
She quickly scribbles down her number before turning and leaving the shop, giving me a nice view of her ass as she stomps out. I pull out my phone and look down to see her number and name and laugh when I see she identified herself as ‘Duchess.’ I program it into my phone before ripping her number off the sheet and putting it in my pocket. I hate the idea that it’s just sitting there for anyone to access it.
I quickly pull her Carrera GT into the shop and change her fan belt in record time. I’d like to say it’s because I’m just trying to get shit done, but I’d be lying to myself. I just want her back in here. The whole time I’m working on her car, I’m irritated at the idea that she’ll never give me the time of day. I’m a fucking joke to someone like her. Why even try?
Pulling out my phone to give her a call, I look up and see she’s already standing in the front office again. This time I see her laughing at something Butch just said, more at ease with him then she was with me.
I’m going to fucking kill him. He may be a little rough around the edges, but his blond hair and blue eyes always seem to pull the women in. He cleans up nicer than I seem to be able to. I look over to see Joey trying to hold back a laugh as she looks between me and what’s happening in the front office.
“Pull the fucking car out and drop the keys on the front counter when you’re done,” I snap at her, only making her laugh more. After a second she lifts her hand, extending her middle finger at me.
I stomp across the garage and throw the door open a little harder than I mean to. I’m shocked the glass window in the door doesn’t shatter when the door hits the wall. The sound makes Duchess jump again. Shit. All I seem to do is make her jump.
Butch just leans against the counter like he doesn’t have a care in the world, and irritation boils inside me. I look over at him and put an end to the conversation he’s having. “Back to work. I don’t pay you to flirt with customers.”
Duchess blushes at my words, looking embarrassed. If I had my way with her, that blush would cover every part of her skin. Yeah, like you’ll get that chance, a voice in the back of my mind says. Girls like her who ooze class won’t give me the time of day. No matter how hard I work, or what I have in my bank, they just think they’re better than me. Types like her want men in stiff suits and five-star dinners. I met a couple girls like her growing up, and I’ve learned to stay clear, and I always have, but something about her is pulling me in.
Butch winks at her on his way out, and it makes me grind my teeth as he strolls out the open door. If I `1both of his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to wink again for a while, I think to myself. Once he’s through the door, I reach over and slam it shut. I try to get myself together and push back all these foreign emotions. I take a breath and try to smooth things over.
“All fixed up. It was the belt,” I confirm. “Follow me to my office, and I’ll write up your bill.” I start walking back towards my office and feel myself release the breath I was holding when I hear the click of her heels following me. I look at the windows that line the garage and see both Joey and Butch watching. Probably wondering why I’m taking her to my office and not just checking her out in the front. I want her in my space. Maybe when we’re in my small office, I can finally get a smell of her.
I motion for her to sit down when we reach my office, and I close the door behind her. Then I hit the blinds on the window that looks out into the shop so no one can see us. Just her and me now.
Taking my seat at my desk, I watch as she fidgets with the trim of her dress in her lap. Her pink nail polish is perfectly done, and as I watch her fingers play with the edge, all I can think about is flipping her dress up to see if her panties match.
She looks so out of place in here. Just like most of the shop, my office is a freaking mess. I never got a nice desk or chairs because they’d be stained in two weeks. Everything is worn and old so I don’t worry about it getting fucked up. The contrast between her and the room is another reminder that she’d never be with someone like me. Even if I pulled just as good of a living as a suit, it’s still all about appearances to people like her. I match their bank accounts, but I sure as shit don’t belong.
“It was an easy fix.” I tell her as I start to fill out the receipt. I should have broken something else and made sure she stayed in town a little longer. “But I wouldn’t go too far for a while.” The lie trips off my tongue easily, but I don’t have a moment of guilt about it “Stay close to town, I mean.” I raise my eyebrows at her to gauge her reaction.
“Oh, I’m in town indefinitely.” The way she says it makes it clear she’s not happy about it. She doesn’t look like she belongs around here, seeing as there isn’t much to this small town. If you want something fancy, you have to make the two-hour drive into Denver.
“It’s one twenty-five for the belt with labor.”
Without hesitating she reaches into her purse and pulls out a silver American Express card.
“We don’t take those.” I don’t know why, but I don’t tell her that we take cards, just not Amex. I’m letting her draw her own conclusions.
“It’s all I have on me unless I can run to an ATM or something real quick.” She starts to rise from the chair like she’s leaving.
“Sorry, no ATM, and the bank is closed. I’m closing up shop for the night, so I need to get paid.” I lie again just as easily as before. They keep slipping from me, but I want to see her again. Maybe if I can get her back here tomorrow, I can come up with a game plan of making a move on her, or at least find out who she is and why she’s here. Everyone knows everything in a small town like this.
She plops back down into the chair. “But—”
I cut her off. “Just come back in the morning with the money.” I stand up and walk to the door like I’m going to leave, but she stops me.
“I need my car tonight. I still have a few errands I need to run. I have plans.”
I pause at the door, turning to look at her. She’s still sitting in the chair, staring up at me. Her eyes are pleading, like she’s trying to get me to crack with a pout on her full lips.
My eyes move to her chest and linger there, and it makes her breathing pick up. It gives me an opening, and I’m going to take it. I stroll back over to the front of my desk and sit my ass on the edge in front of her, my legs almost touching hers.
“You could pay me with something else.” My eyes roam her body, and I let my meaning become clear. I don’t know what made me say it, but the words are out of my mouth before I can pull them back. I expect her to stand up and slap me, or her to storm out of the office, but she just wiggles in her chair a little.
“Wha-what do…” She can’t even get the words out, and I don’t make her finish, because I’m impatient. If she isn’t running then I’m going to push a little more.
“Pull up your dress up. I want to see your panties.”
Her face turns red, but she grabs the hem of her skirt like she’s going to do it. But instead she just bunches it in her hands, her knuckles going white. Is she really this fucking shy? Nobody who looks like her, who’s dressed like that, is shy. She’s a rich duchess coming into a place like this and asking for it. Fuck it, if she wants to play shy, I’ll help her out.
Leaning forward, I grab her by the arms, her soft skin like silk against my fingers. I pull her to me so her legs go on either side of my large thighs as I stay seated on the edge of the desk. She lets out a squeak in response but makes no move to stop me. Interesting. I had no clue this would be so easy.
Reaching down with my stained hand, I flip her dress up, revealing white satin panties. Her legs are spread just enough that I can see a little wet spot.
She’s turned on, and I haven’t even done anything to her. The sight has my cock pushing against the zipper of my jeans, and I welcome the pain. Because it stops me from cumming in my pants.
“Hold it,” I say, indicating that I want her to hold up her dress for me. I need my hand for this.
“But I showed you. Now give me my keys.”
“That was for the belt, materials. This next part is for the labor.” I lick my lips just thinking about the next part. God, what I’d give to bury my face between her thick thighs and make her scream my name. I’d make her tell her who’s giving it to her. That she’s fucking the local mechanic. Not some preppy dick in a suit, which I’m sure is what she’s used to.
“I’m not sleeping with you,” she blurts out, and it makes me clench my teeth. In spite of her words, her dress remains bunched up in her hands and she keeps herself revealed to me. That’s fine, Duchess. Pretend all you want. I’ll play if it gets me a little bit of you.
“Trust me, when I fuck you, you’ll beg for it.” Reaching down, I run my fingers across the soft panties, just teasing her a bit. I feel the damp spot against my digits, and I need more. I use two fingers to pull them to the side and feel her bare pussy. No fucking hair. I bet she has it waxed off. But for who, I wonder. The thought makes me jealous and angry, and I can’t hold back the growl that leaves my chest.
Her eyes go big at the sound, and I yank at the panties, pulling them from her body. I want to see her bare pussy for myself, and I want to mark it as mine. The thought is primal and barbaric, but I don’t care. I want this pussy for myself. Only mine. She might have waxed it for someone else, but I’m sure as fuck going to put my mark on it.
“What are you doing?” Her words come out breathless, but she makes no move to stop me or drop her dress. In fact, she leans into me a little more. She says one thing, but her body is betraying her.
I bring the underwear to my nose, smelling her sweet scent, and I let it fill my lungs, I almost lose it when I feel the wet spot against my face. Knowing I don’t have much time before I lose my load of cum, I drop her panties onto my desk and free my cock from my jeans.
“Oh, my God. You’re—”
“Huge,” I finish for her. “I know.”
Grabbing one of her hips, I pull her closer to me. Using my other hand, I guide my cock to her pussy lips. They part easily for the head of my dick, and I find her hard little clit begging for attention.
“Oh, God.”
“Not God, baby. Paine,” I correct her as I start to move the head of my cock back and forth on her clit. I want to rip the top of her dress and suck her big tits, but it would ruin the dress, and I don’t want her walking out of here with them on display. So I grip her hip a little tighter, making my hand stay in place.
“What are you doing to me?” Her eyes look glassy, her pupils dilated. She’s so fucking turned on, the smell of her pussy fills the room. Her juices coat the head of my cock, showing me how much she wants this too. Her body is begging for some cock.
It takes everything in me not to say, “Playing with your pussy, which is now mine.” Instead I go with, “Collecting the bill with your cunt.”
She moans, dropping her head back, her hair brushing my fingers that are gripping her hip.
She looks so young and pure, like she’s never known this kind of pleasure before. Shit.
“Please tell me you’re legal,” I growl. I’m not sure if I could pull away if she told me she’s underage. It might just be worth the prison time.
“Twenty-one,” she mumbles, lost in the pleasure. Thank fuck. I don’t know what I would have done. I’m sure there isn’t a thing that could pull her from me in this moment.
“You like this?” I ask, picking up speed, rubbing her clit back and forth with the head of my dick, slipping easily through her juicy pussy lips. “You use this pussy to get whatever you want, don’t you? I bet you have men wrapped around your finger.” The words make me sound like an asshole, and I know it. I started this, but I hate that she so easily let me have her. Does she do this with everyone? Is this some game to her? Here I am, falling all over her and this could mean nothing to her, but maybe she thinks the same of me. She has no idea that I don’t fall all over women. Hell, I haven’t even thought about a woman in years. Too busy working on my shop. Until her.
I push the thoughts away because I won’t ruin this for myself. I’m going to enjoy this perfection I have in my hands while I’ve got it.
“Fuck you.” She says the words angrily as she tries to move her hips. She’s mad as hell but wants to make me go faster. I tighten my grip on her even more so she can’t take what she wants. She’s bound to have marks there tomorrow from the way I’m holding her.
I can tell she is about to cum, her body strung tight. I’m so fucking close too, but I’m controlling this. She already has too much control of me; I at least get this.
“Soon I’ll be fucking you, Duchess. You’ll take me inside your little cunt until I fill you with every drop of cum I have. Then I’ll do it over and over again until you beg me to stop.”
“Paine!” She yells my name, cumming at my filthy words. She’s probably never been talked to like that, and I fucking love it.
I let myself cum with her, releasing the cum that’s been building up in my balls since she strolled her ass into my shop. My cum coats her clit, her pussy lips, and thighs. I cum harder than I’ve ever cum in my entire life. I cum so hard, I see stars. The intensity rocks me to my core. It’s something I’ve never felt before, and warmth fills my chest.
When I finally come back to earth, she’s dropping her skirt and backing away from me.
“Duchess,” I say, reaching for her and wanting to touch her lips to mine. I want to finally get a taste of her. She had to have felt what just happened here. It was life changing. There’s something between us, but she dodges my hand and bolts for the door.
It takes me a minute to get my still-hard cock back into my jeans before I run after her. By the time I make it to the front of the shop, I see her car pulling out, the screech of tires filling my ears.
“How’d she get the keys?” I look over and see Joey standing behind the counter. I give her a hard glare, and she holds her hands up in defense.
“They were sitting right here. I thought she was good to go.” She raises an eyebrow in question, but I don’t answer her.
Fuck me, I don’t even know her name.





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