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★★★★ ROMANCING VEGAS by Kara Keen ★★★★
Captain's Orders #2 – #ContemporaryRomance

Three sizzling affairs began on a cruise ship…
but what happens in Vegas might be more than the lovers bargained for!

Oksana must transform herself from victim to confident choreographer and producer of the sexy Las Vegas show she’s always dreamed of creating. Primo, who loves her, is with her all the way, risking his own life in a deadly grudge fight to finance the show. Will Oksana rediscover the passionate soul she learned to hide, or will the dark realities of her recent trauma drag her down, pulling the lives of her loved ones along with her?

Tania knew she was in love with Cole a few days after they met. They love hanging out, having fun, and working together to help Tania’s sister Oksana develop a successful show. They also love exploring the electrifying edges of desire together. So what will it take for Cole to say those three little words, “I love you?”

Daniella didn’t plan to fall for Jack, but she can’t stop thinking about the crazy, sexy times they’ve shared. He’s into fast, edgy living and so much fun – but is he ready to ditch the Peter Pan act and be her Number One?

What none of them know is that an old enemy lurks in the background, waiting for the right moment to take his revenge.

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OKSANA’S MOUTH FELL open and she grabbed Primo’s arm, squealing with excitement when she saw the retro pink Cadillac convertible parked just outside the tavern.

Aretha’s Pink Cadillac played on the car stereo and the driver, dressed in a sparkly Elvis costume, held the car door open. “Oh, my God, this is just… I cannot believe you remembered!”

Sitting on top of the backseat as they drove away, Oksana waved goodbye to Tania and the gang like a beauty queen in a parade.

She’d shown Primo a magazine picture of a pink Caddy exactly like this one when they flew here from London. In the photo, a smiling, wind-blown couple drove the jazzy old car down the Vegas Strip, which was lit by the massive digital billboards of the hotels lining Las Vegas Boulevard. “That is my fantasy of Las Vegas,” she’d said, and he laughed and started kidding her about it,busting her chops about the traffic, the noise, and the other tacky realities of the famous Strip. But here he was, making her fantasy come true, his arm around her shoulders as they snuggled together on the cushy backseat.

That was one of the great things about these big old cars—they had those broad bench seats, big enough for… well… anything.

Apparently Bruce Springsteen wrote Pink Cadillac, and the Boss’s sexy croon was next on the playlist while the driver navigated back streets to avoid some of the constant traffic.

They finally burst onto the Strip after circling Mandalay Bay, the colossal hotel at the far end. She was wondering why he’d hired a driver until she felt Primo’s long fingers wander from the bare skin of her shoulder, under the stretchy neckline of her top, brushing the tops of her breasts lightly with his fingertips. His confident, teasing touch made her heart pound with the naughtiness of it all. Their hips and thighs pressed tightly together, he reached across her and pushed the hem of her skirt up, finding the damp lace of her panties when he put his hand between her legs.

“Mmmmm,” he purred in her ear, “How would you like to come while you see the sights?”

After a career in public relations and advertising, I got tired of writing half-truths and decided to write the whole truth – love is all you need!

When I read Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, I started devouring romance novels and began fantasizing about my own characters and writing down their sexy thoughts and encounters.

After writing Captain’s Orders and developing four other novels, I can now look forward to embarrassing my family by writing hot stories about the many ways men and women get together.

You can visit my website and learn much more than you ever wanted to know about me at

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