Book Blitz: Excerpt + Giveaway - Burning Choice by Aubrey Parker

Burning Choice
Aubrey Parker
(Trevor’s Harem, #3)
Publication date: March 1st 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
I’ve been in this billionaire’s game for a month — but something changed when half my competition was eliminated.
​It feels less like a contest now … and more like an experiment.
​I shouldn’t have made it past the first round. I don’t know how I did; I’m not special like the others. When I ask Daniel, he just tells me it’s complicated. Then he talks about brain chemistry, how love and sex are an addiction. He tells me how wild animals claim mates, and how he’s claimed me.
The stakes are higher.
The competition is fiercer.
I should have been kicked out long ago, but Daniel tells me I might be the needle in the haystack the company has been looking for.
Sometimes I’m afraid of them all, even of Daniel.
But It’s like I’m on a tether. I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.

I don’t know what comes over me. I’m smarter than this. I’ve dodged two bullets for sure, and everyone knows that you’re out after the third strike. When we were at twelve contestants, there was room for me to fuck around, just as there was room for Bridget — not strictly ever in contention — to occupy a spot. According to the board, they even knew what I was up to. I had my issues. I had a girl I wanted to teach a lesson, so they let me have her while pretending to look the other way. But now that things have changed — now that I want her as more than a hate fuck — the stakes are

higher. We’re down to a half dozen, and each of those six spots is worth more than a bag of diamonds. I can get us out of this … if I can keep my cool, and not make waves. I can do what must be done, if I can just keep it in my pants. I repeat I’m smarter than this to myself as Bridget bends over in front of me, showing me her tight pink pussy. But I shut myself out. And with my cock entirely undiminished and still dripping, I take fistfuls of her skin at her hips and press my tip against her wet slit. I pause. But with Bridget, my lip service at restraint seems to barely ever last a moment.
I’m an intelligent person. I’m risking everything. I think this as I watch my cock slide in and out, as I feel Bridget’s tunnel grip my dick like a tight fist. Watching her pussy lick my shaft with each thrust, feeling as if my actions don’t truly belong to me. It’s not just you you’re hurting. It’s Bridget, too.
Which is true. The board said Bridget has to be the next to go. I can’t let that happen, no matter what I must do to keep her around. For several reasons, each laid atop the others like the last precarious layer on a house of cards. And fucking her in this blind spot Jessica helped me create is helping nothing. 

I think this as Bridget’s little moans assail my ears, making me crazy. I don’t know how I’m still hard, and feeling inches from orgasm. I’m not a fucking kid anymore, and even when I was eighteen it took a while to load another bullet in the chamber. I swear,girls think we can fuck and fuck and fuck, when any biochemist could tell you exactly why that can’t practically happen. Except with Bridget. Less than sixty seconds from filling her mouth, I still feel like I’ve been celibate for a year.

You’re being too rough. You’re solving nothing. You don’t hate this woman anymore, and yet what you’re doing is neither-nor. The grudge is in the past, but this isn’t making love. Self-sabotage. Me desiring my own destruction. 

I should turn her around. Kiss her. But right now, there is only need. I think this as I pull out then watch my cock slide back inside her. I think a thousand filthy things. Euphemisms escape me. I want to shout the worst words. I want to do the most horrible things. I know better than all of this. But I’m out of control. I slam against her ass again and again, describing it all to myself as it happens using the dirtiest words, feeling my balls smack her pussy, watching her tits sway with every thrust, recalling the way she sucked me dry. The way she licked herself clean, and then me. 

It’s too much. I come inside her, just as hard as the first time. Then I sag to the side, sliding down the brick wall, falling to rest beside her with my cock still a pillar of marble, pointing at the ceiling.

Bridget rolls down and sits beside me. She looks at my cock, but I’m pretty sure she won’t try for thirds. She’s finished now. As I was coming, I’m pretty sure I felt the grip tighten as she came again, too. 

Her eyes go from my dick to my face. Her gaze destroys me. This was wrong. I’m ruining our chances; I’m ruining her potential future and her mother’s; I’m going to hurt her now that I no longer want to, and damage myself in the process. This does nothing to keep the board off my back or help Bridget proceed through the competition, earning the money she desperately needs. It does nothing to help my final aim — the solution I’ve decided might save this months-long travesty, if it doesn’t crash and burn us all. I look at her and open my mouth, but she beats me to the punch. Bridget leans against me, her soft breasts pressing into my side. She sighs then wraps her arms around me, her body warm, and closes her eyes.

Author Bio:
I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life's largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

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