Book Blitz: Excerpt + Giveaway - Long Overdue by Tara Andrews

Long Overdue by Tara Andrews 
Publication date: January 25th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Jill Malone has been looking for love for all the wrong reasons. A reality check has her signing up 

for a no-strings attached night to simply forget about forever after. The last thing she expected 

was to know her blind date. 

Blake Anders doesn’t need help finding a date, but he’s tempted by 1Night Stand’s reputation of 

arranging exactly what a person needs. And he needs more. Though doubtful, he agrees to one 

night and hopes to discover his perfect match. He didn’t count on Madame Eve reaching deep 

into his past to give him a night with the woman he never forgot. 

Fearing another broken heart, Jill works to keep herself from becoming attached, but Blake goes 

all in to convince her that he wants their long-overdue love to be more than a one-night stand…


She peeled back the edges of his shirt as if opening a present. The sculpted chest she 

revealed, dusted with the right amount of hair, beat any gift she ever received. Her fingers 

itched to study and memorize the muscles of his pecs, the ribbed texture of his abdomen.

His eyes closed and his mouth tightened. The need to taste his skin had her closing in, her 

eyelids drooping. But before her mouth could reach its target he tugged on her hair. Her head 

fell back under his guidance and his lips were on hers. Wild. Demanding. He groaned a sound of 

pure pleasure into her mouth, which she matched with her own.

He shifted from foot to foot, kicking off his shoes. Then he worked the buckle and fastenings 

at his waist between them, brushing her bare stomach with his knuckles as he undressed. One 

night. One chance to fulfill all her needs. She forced herself to pull away, stepping backward to 

watch the show. His pants hit the floor, followed by the shirt.

An impressive man stood before her, the loose fabric of his boxers tented against evidence of 

his arousal. Her gaze lifted to his eyes and her breath faltered at the desire there.

Her legs hit the side of the bed and her knees buckled. She dropped to sit on the edge of the 

mattress. I’m so ready.

He strode toward her and braced his arms on either side of her. She whimpered, under the 

spell of his deep blue eyes, awash in the intimacy of the moment. Why had such a simple thing 

been missing from her life? Something to think about another time, not while what she craved 

stared at her like nothing else mattered. And when he kissed her again, the rest of the world 

faded away.

He guided her backward until cool silk of the coverlet shocked her overheated body, but 

offered relief at the same time. His lips moved down her neck to her lace-covered breasts, 

clasping a nipple between his lips, sucking it into the wet warmth of his mouth right through the 

fabric. She arched her back, desperate for more. He tugged at her panties, and she lifted her 

hips to help. His fingers slid and explored before he slipped one inside, mimicking the motion 

she yearned for. “Yes,” he groaned returning to her mouth for another deep, consuming kiss.

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Author Bio: 

Tara Andrews divides her time between a full-time job as an office manager, an even more full-

time job as a wife and mother, and her dream job as a romance author.  An avid reader and 

writer, Tara continuously seeks to hone her craft in order to provide readers with stories that are 

provocative yet romantic.

Tara lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband and two fabulous children.

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