NEW RELEASE: RIOT ( Bad Boy Escorts 1 ) by JO RAVEN

RIOT (Bad Boy Escorts)
‪#‎99c‬ Limited Time promo
A male escort romance unlike any you've ever read. Hot. Suspenseful. Heart-breaking. Sexy.

A broken girl.
A sexy escort.
A fancy hotel room and a struggle for trust.
When Paxtyn makes an appointment with escort Riot Gallagher of the Bad Boy Escorts agency, she has her reasons, and they have nothing to do with sex or pleasure. But after that first, disastrous meeting, something changes. The tables are turned, the picture shifts.
A strong girl.
A damaged boy.
An attraction that turns into love and a fight for life or death.
There was never any question about how this would end…

*Warning for sex and violence. 18+* 

This is a standalone romance novel.

Apple: (preorder - live on Dec. 16):

RIOT (Bad Boy Escorts) will be available on Nook, Apple and Smashwords until Saturday (Dec 19)
Afterward the book will be in Amazon Select (exclusive to Amazon) for three months - so please grab it now if you only buy on those sites.
However, like always, if you miss the dates, you can buy it later on amazon and send me a pic of the receipt, and I will send you the appropriate format for other ereaders - or download the free kindle app on your ereader to read amazon books. 

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