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Nerdy Girl Nation by Lindsey Gray

Series: Nerdy Girl Novels #1 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Publication Date: October 8, 2015


NGN eBook Cover-2 [5667883]Who knew the girl who spent most of her Saturday nights watching Doctor Who marathons with her best friend would end up becoming a reality television star? Not Emma MacLean. Emma tried to leave the nerdy girl behind as the Vice President of Operations for billionaire venture capitalist, Terrance Hunt, on the hit show Hunt for Life. When double tragedies occur on the same day, Emma is out of a job, but the cameras and a nation of fans continue to follow her. Rob “Bobby” Breyer lived and breathed the professional wrestling circuit for five years. Rob happens to be a devoted Hunt for Life fan due to a chance meeting with Emma while in high school. When he reaches out to Emma in her time of crisis, he never imagines how much it will change his life. After twelve years, their attraction still sizzles and this time, Rob's not letting Emma get away. As the cameras roll, Emma's new career and Rob's quest for glory are in the spotlight. When the heat is on, they'll need all the support they can get from the Nerdy Girl Nation.


After the plane taxied to the terminal, Kelly and Emma gathered their things. Emma felt a hand on her shoulder as she slipped her new tablet into her messenger bag.
She turned to find Rob in the aisle. “Hey.”
“I was wondering if you had a second before the cameras come back on?”
“Sure.” She excused herself from Kelly and made her way to a deserted galley area where they would be able to talk in private for a moment.
“Tonight went well,” Rob stated. He took her hand in his and backed her into the corner of the galley.
A jolt of adrenaline shot through her veins with his touch. “All as planned, I guess. How do you feel about you and Chance?”
“We've always worked well together. I don't think there will be a problem there.” His fingertips caressed up and down her arm bringing goose bumps to the surface of her skin.
“But?” she whispered. She had a feeling he wouldn't pull her aside to talk about his performance in the ring.
“My father called me.”
Images of Robert Breyer Senior flooded her mind. He was one of the greatest wrestlers of his time. He was also the biggest SOB in the business. She had seen his attitude toward Rob first hand when he won the national tournament back in high school. While Emma and Derek's own parents praised him on how well he did despite his loss, Robert Senior dressed down Rob on all the mistakes he made. The scene was difficult to view and even more disheartening to see one of her idols fall.
“I guess he's not too happy.”
“My dad is never, what I would call, happy.” Rob's eyes closed and his fingers threaded through hers.
She squeezed his hand to get his attention and he opened his brilliant blue eyes. “This isn't about him. This is your life and your career. You are an amazing athlete and, as far as I can tell, a pretty wonderful guy. You've been out of his shadow for a long time, maybe he doesn't want you to be.”
Rob seemed dazed by her words. A look of complete awe crossed his face. Emma began to return his smile when his lips were suddenly on hers. Her base instincts took over and she moved her fingers to grip the hair at the nape of his neck.
He pushed her further into the corner while her tongue slipped into his mouth. His length hardened against her stomach and a low moan escaped her lips.
His hand on her cheek triggered her to slow her kisses down. A few more soft pecks were traded while his thumb rubbed underneath her eye.
“Three weeks and you are mine for a whole two days.”
“What?” She pushed him back a bit to get a look at him.
“You promised me a date and we have years of catching up to do. Once the cameras are off, you and I are going to disappear for a few days to get reacquainted.”
She gulped. Sex. He meant sex and lots of it. No man had tended to her in over a year. With what Rob pressed against her pelvis, she imagined him to have a lot of skill. The way his muscles moved while he stocked around the ring would be nothing compared to how they would feel beneath her fingertips as he moved inside of her.
“It's a date.” God help her, the experience would probably be the best date of her life.

Lindsey Gray

LindseyGrayAuthorPhoto [689986]Lindsey Gray typed her first complete novel at the age of twelve and dreamed of making her writing into a career. When her eighth grade class wrote a twenty year reunion story, casting her as a mystery novelist, she wasn't sure she could make it a reality. After years of writing off and on, she decided to make a go of it. In December of 2010 she finally made her dream come true with her first published novel, Lies Inside. Five years and thousands of written words later, Lindsey is releasing her seventh published work, Nerdy Girl Nation. When Lindsey takes a break from writing, she spends time with her husband of thirteen years and their two children, reading all kinds of romance novels, and hosting her own weekly radio show, Gray Matters, on TMV Cafe Internet Radio.


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