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★ REVIEW ★ Identity (Miss Taken #2) by Cleo Scornavacca



People aren’t always who you believe them to be. 
Dominick Kane and Rain Medici started their 
relationship with one another in the most unconventional way. 
He kidnapped her. 
With the kidnapping now behind them, life returns 
to normal, right? 
Not a chance. 
The push, the pull and their fights for control that 
we’ve come to love about Dominick and Rain still exist. And so does their passion.
People aren’t who you think they are. Familiar faces 
are not so familiar. The past and the present collide, opening up all of those old wounds and struggles once again. 
Now, everything you thought you knew, gets blown out of the water.
Can Dominick and Rain finally heal what’s broken?
 Or will new discoveries push them even further apart. 
Will love win out and bring them back together? Or will ghosts of the past ultimately destroy their love once and for all...


My Rating – 5 out of 5 

Wow! Wow! Wow! How this was such an amazing book! Just wow!

You know , I am the fan of Dominick. This guy is definitely a full Alpha. He is a very very sexy Alpha. This book enters with initial introduction to the topic. I do not know, Cleo I don’t know what to say. You've created a really true story. It's a story that is realistic and briliantly.  That can be easy to read, and definitely a unique story. 

I read this book so much pleasure and excitement that took me completely away. I already love the Rain and Dominick. When I was reading the book I felt the wound heart, happiness and unconditional love between them. Facts about the history, secrets, lies and secrets then again ... Love really can also do crazy things to people. (I'm keeping myself hard to avoid spoiler. Ahhh!) Also it shows that everyone could have problems, it is a book about life of ups and downs.

I was shocked, and then I'm glad. Oh, I do not know really have mixed feelings right now. Dominick uncovers the truth, and has endeavored to preserve the Rain, and I've seen Rain is starting to grow to become a stronger woman. Absolutely love it, I want to say a lot more, I do not like to give spoiler. All I can say it is certainly an excellent job! Especially on how it ended. God!

Cleo, I really want to see you in the NYT bestseller list. I want everyone to see the professionalism that you have. Folks, buy Cleo's books, and I could swear that you will definitely not regret reading.

You get plenty of inspiration, Cleo. Love you!! 


Miss Taken (Miss Taken 1)

Identity  (Miss Taken 2)

My favorite quotes:


Vay canına! Nasıl inanılmaz bir kitaptı bu böyle! Sadece vay canına! 

Biliyorsun ki en başından beri Dominick hayranıyım. Bu adam kesinlikle tam bir Alfa. Çok çok seksi bir Alfa. Bu kitap çok farklı bir başlangıç ile konuya giriş yapıyor. Bilmiyorum, Cleo sana ne desem az. Sen gerçekten doğru bir hikaye yaratmışsın. Hem de profesyonel ve zekice işlenmiş bir hikaye.  Hızlıca okunabilen, ve kesinlikle benzersiz bir hikaye.  

Bu kitabı o kadar zevk ve heyecanla okudum ki beni tamamen alıp götürdü. Rain ve Dominick'e zaten aşığım. Kitabı okurken aralarındaki kalp yarasını, mutluluğu ve aralarındaki koşulsuz sevgiyi hissettim.  Ayrıca, herkesin sorunları olabileceğini, hayatın iniş ve çıkışlarla olduğunu anlatan bir kitap.
Geçmişleri hakkındaki gerçekler, sırlar, yalanlar ve ardından yine sırlar... 
Aşk gerçekten de insanlara çılgınca şeyler yaptırabiliyor. (Kendimi spoiler vermemek için zor tutuyorum. Ahhh!)    

Şok oldum, ve ardından sevindim. Ah, bilmiyorum duygularım gerçekten çok karışık. Dominick'in doğruları ortaya çıkarmak, ve Rain'i korumak için sarf ettiği çaba, ve Rain'in daha güçlü bir kadın olmaya başlayarak büyüdüğünü gördüm.

Kesinlikle bayıldım, Daha çok şey söylemek istiyorum, spoiler vermeyi sevmiyorum. Tek söyleyebileceğim şey kesinlikle mükemmel bir iş! Hele ki o nasıl bir sondur. 

Cleo, seni gerçekten de NYT çok satanlar listesinde görmek istiyorum. Yaptığın bu profesyonelliği herkesin görmesini istiyorum. Millet, Cleo'nun kitaplarını satın alın, ve okuyun kesinlikle pişman olmayacağınıza yemin edebilirim. 

İlhamın bol olsun, Cleo. Seni Seviyorum!!

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COMING SOON :  Sibling Rivalry (Miss Taken 3) 

The third and finally novel in the Miss Taken Series.  


About the Author

As far back as I can remember, I've loved books. I love reading them and finally, I've admitted to myself that I love to write them. Since the day I started to write Rain and Dominick's story, I've never looked back.

When I write, much of the time the story plays in my head as a movie and sometimes even includes background music. We can all use a little background music. I try to add elements of things I love. And share them with the readers. I'll continue to create characters and stories that you can laugh, cry, love, hate and even become slightly crazy about. Let's face it, we can all use some crazy every now and then.

Cleo is a wife and mom. She is an aesthetician and make-up artist and has worked for companies such as Bobbi Brown, Princess Marcella Borghese and MAC cosmetics. Besides writing and loving to read everything romantic; she has a healthy obsession with the Jersey Shore and loves to go there to write every chance she gets.

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