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The Infinite Expanse by B.C. Powell 
(The Journals of Krymzyn #2) 
Publication date: March 31st 2015
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Science Fiction

Evil lurks in the desolate Barrens of Krymzyn. For millions of Eras, predators with insatiable cravings have prowled the wasteland. When a traitor of the Delta enters their realm, the solitary beasts may finally have a leader to unite them.
As a new order emerges in the Barrens, Chase and Sash begin their lives together. While Chase fights to prove he belongs in Krymzyn, the power inside Sash flourishes in ways no one could have imagined. But a vengeance from the wasteland is soon unleashed upon them.
After Chase is trapped deep in the Barrens, his only escape is into the Infinite Expanse. Unaware of the deathly perils that take shape there, he may be lost forever. For Sash to return him from the endless wilderness, she’ll have to harness a mystical energy not seen since the beginning of time.

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In my usual pre-traveling-practice routine, I take a few sips of sap and stretch my legs. When I run back and forth between the hills, Larn and Tela take turns beside me. Each time my bare feet cross the grassy meadow, I experience the momentary glitch. On my fourth run down the Traveling Hill, with Tela lagging slightly behind me, I focus with as much intensity as I can. As I did while visiting the clouds, I try to let go of conscious thought, sensing the world around me.
At the bottom of the hill, light blooms from the landscape and I blast forward. Encased in a multicolored web, I tunnel my vision to the beams moving in my direction. My stomach surges into my throat when my body explodes into a glittering sandstorm across the field. I’m so astonished by the sensation that my mind goes blank. In that split second of lost concentration, I feel the particles of my body slap back together with a resounding sting.
My arms flapping wildly by my sides, I must tumble fifty yards through the air. I realize I’ve already crossed the entire length of the field when I slam into the side of the other hill. Like a crash test dummy—no control whatsoever over my body—I limply bounce up the slope. I finally flop to a halt on my back, staring straight up at the sky.
I try to lift my head but scream out in pain. Glancing down at my body, I see a splintered bone jutting out of the skin of my left forearm with blood spouting from the wound. My left arm dangles limply from my shoulder, obviously dislocated, while blood drips from my nose and mouth. My head falls back to the grass, my vision spins, and I don’t want to try to move again. The spiraling images of Larn and Tela appear above me.
“You’ve broken a bone,” Larn says calmly.
“I think more than one,” I groan.
“We all do,” Tela says.
“Thanks for warning me,” I mutter, wincing at each word I speak.
“It’s simply part of the learning process,” Larn replies.
He drops to his knees beside me, quickly unscrews the top of the canister, and holds it to my lips. After reaching a hand behind my neck, he raises my head up to an angle so I can drink. Torment spurts out of my neck and races down my spine, but I manage to take a few sips.
“Tela, will you hold his shoulder in place?” Larn asks, taking the canister away from my mouth.
Tela kneels beside my head and lightly grips my shoulder in her hands. Lifting my arm from the grass, Larn examines the fracture. Blood continues to trickle down my skin from the cracked bone that’s sticking out of my limb. He lays my arm down on the ground with one of his hands underneath the break. While pouring sap over the wound, he looks up at something across the meadow.
“Is that Sash?” he asks.
As soon as I turn my head, my body jerks off the ground from the shock of Larn snapping my bone back into place.
“What the fuck!” I shout.
“I thought distracting you might lessen the pain,” Larn says flatly.
“What is ‘what the fuck’?” Tela asks.
“It’s an expression when you’re mad,” I moan. “It’s not a very nice thing to say.”
“Why not?”
“It’s not a polite word.”
“What is its meaning?”
“Can we not do this now, Tela?” I snap. “I’m kind of messed up, in case you didn’t notice.”
Tela frowns at me before roughly popping my shoulder back into the socket. Every muscle in my body clenches from the sudden bolt of agony.
“Would you tell me before you do that!” I yell.
“Here,” Tela says, holding her flask to my lips and ignoring my remark. “Drink this.”

BC Powell is a fantasy author from Los Angeles, CA. His debut science fiction fantasy novel "Krymzyn" was published in October, 2014. "The Infinite Expanse", the highly anticipated second book in "The Journals of Krymzyn" series, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2015.

Powell has a diverse background, having held several creative positions in the entertainment industry, including executive roles at ABC-TV and Technicolor. In recent years, he's authored several non-fiction works, primarily educational books and training programs for trading the financial markets. He dual majored in journalism and philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Writing fiction has been his lifelong passion and goal. “The Journals of Krymzyn” represents, in his words, “finally finding the story I want to tell with characters that are able to bring that story to life.” He's an avid reader and lists Ernest Hemingway, Frank L. Herbert, Stephen King, Jane Austen, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. as his favorite authors.

Brad, as he prefers to go by in personal communication, lives with his longtime girlfriend, three sons from a previous marriage, and their rescue dog and cat. He enjoys hiking, ocean kayaking, spending time at Southern California beaches, movies, and reading.

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