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Breaking Away Series by Meli Raine 
(Breaking Away #1-3) 
Publication date: March 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense


Finding Allie (Breaking Away #1)
Chase Halloway’s father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town.
My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I’m pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago.
I’m not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He’s not supposed to know I even exist.
But when he finds me, he can’t let go.
And when I find myself in his arms?
I hold tight.
I have to.
Because if I don’t, I might just die.
With or without him.

Chasing Allie (Breaking Away #2)
It turns out my stepfather has plans for me.
Plans that make dying look like a walk in the park.
He’s selling my virginity to a Mexican drug lord to get out of debt.
Chase just found out and is here to take me away to safety. To the ocean. To my dreams.
But while I’m gone, a murder takes place back home.
I receive a phone call. It’s the police.
I’m the prime suspect.
And if I go back, I may become the prime victim.
They say love conquers all, but can Chase save me from this?

Keeping Allie (Breaking Away #3)
I’m alone, tied up, bleeding and terrified.
I’m a prisoner at the Atlas motorcycle club compound. Someone kidnapped me, and it looks like it’s Chase.
No one knows I’m here. Then again, I’m no one, right? No mother, no stepfather, and my sister may have been kidnapped, too
They can make me disappear. Or worse. It turns out there are worse things than disappearing. I thought Chase was my only hope. Now he turns out to be my worst nightmare. Something flickers in his eyes, though. A glimmer of love. If I can get him alone, maybe I can convince him to let me go. To let me live.
To let me go back to a time when I thought he was a good guy.
Only Chase has the power to make that happen.Everything I am is in his hands right now. And those hands are about to touch me.

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A strong wind rattles my window outside, making me look.
I frown. That sounds weird. My body doesn’t want to get out from under the covers. Even though I know it’s silly, I’m terrified that if I step on the ground, something under the bed will grab my ankle. Like the faceless tree man from my nightmare.
“Allie!” says a voice I know so well.
“Chase?” I say, scrambling out of bed, no longer worried about the boogeyman I imagine under the bed. I rush to the window and look down to find him, staring up at me with a big, wild grin on his face.
“Come down here and see me before I scale your house and come into your bedroom,” he shouts.
The thought makes my heart skitter and my lips tingle.
“My stepfather! Shhh! He’ll hear you!” Anxiety goes to full throttle throughout my body, making me feel like my skin will explode from fear. Jeff’s going to kill Chase.
“He’s gone!” Chase shouts. We live so far away from anyone else that I don’t worry about neighbors
hearing. Jeff’s the only one I worry about, and if he’s gone, that means—
I’m completely alone with Chase.
“How do you know he’s gone?” I use a normal tone of voice now and lean out through my open window, grinning back. My hair falls over my face, the way it would if I were kissing him in bed.
I shiver as desire rushes to my belly at the thought.
“His car’s not here,” Chase answers. “God, you look so gorgeous like that.”
I reach up to touch my hair, feeling it tangled. “Like what?”
“Like you just got out of bed,” he says with a leer.
“I did just get out of bed,” I say with a laugh, my chest turning hot. Are we flirting? Is this what flirting feels like? I don’t know. No one has ever done more than hit on me before. Being hooted at or having your ass pinched at the bar isn’t exactly the same as this.
“Then keep on getting out of bed, Allie, and get your pretty face down here!” Chase waves me on. He doesn’t have to ask twice. I run outside in bare feet, my pajamas glued to my body from the sweat of the hot night and my frantic nightmare.
His eyes rake over my body as I slow down and stop, feet away from him, a light breeze blowing across my damp body. My nipples perk up and tighten, and my core does, too. An unfamiliar warmth spreads between my legs and I feel naked.
Chase studies me like I’m the only woman he’s ever seen, eyes hungry and wanting everything he looks at. We’re suspended in time right now, completely alone in the desert. In the distance, a coyote howls, the mournful sound somehow comforting. The stars are big and so bright in the sky tonight, the moon gives us enough light to see each other, yet respects the stars, too. They need to shine.
Sometimes you need your turn to be noticed.
Chase is noticing me.
He walks toward me, hips jaunty as they move, my eyes fixed on his belt buckle. He’s dusty from riding his bike, and he hasn’t shaved in days. I’ve missed him. I miss him. I miss his touch so much I’m vibrating with need, every inch of skin craving him.
An invisible forcefield separates us, my clothing chilling me. My desire makes me so hot I think I’ll burst into flame and engulf Chase.
And then.
One step.
Oh, Chase.
His fingers are on my jaw, pulling my face up for a kiss, his hands around my waist, splayed flat against the small of my back. He wrenches me closer, as if he needs every part of my body to touch every part of his. The hard line of muscles along his legs and torso fit against my soft curves.
“You are so divine,” he murmurs against my mouth. The taste of mint and musk on his lips makes me sigh inside, like a release. Like I can breathe for the first time in my life, and I melt into his arms. He holds me up as his tongue explores, sliding along my teeth, dancing with my own as he says ‘hello’ so intimately, so beautifully.
My hands. I don’t know what to do with them. I’m so overwhelmed by the newness of being kissed like this. So thoroughly you would think he was surveying a new land, claiming it for himself. If that’s what he’s doing with each caress, with those hungry hands that now touch my ass, pulling my pelvis against his and making it very clear that he likes me—wants me—then he can claim me. Own me.
Take me.
I’m so ready and wanting and he’s here. Warm and hot and oh, so Chase. I’m not the kind of girl who does this. Kisses a strange guy, much less one who is in a motorcycle gang that controls drug dealing territories! A rush of shock pulses through me. What am I doing?
Chase’s hand slides up the side of my body, fingers tickling the edge of my breast. I gasp, instantly wet between my legs, the feeling so lurid and unexpected. I want to touch him everywhere, to feel his power, to have him use it with my body so I can feel powerful, too. Feel safe. Protected.
“God, you’re so amazing, Allie,” Chase whispers. “Calm during the bar fight, determined to stay cool through it all. You didn’t back down against your stepdad, and you’re—” He pauses, his thumb stroking the soft, inner skin of my elbow, moving up to my jaw. Those light brown eyes with hints of yellow and topaz are fixated on me. Pupils thick and wide, dilated like a wild cat with its eye on prey.
I’m Chase’s prey. He’s hunting me, and now he’s caught me.
I pull him down to my mouth, aggressive and bold. The Allie I’ve been for eighteen years needs to change, and I’m so close to living my real life. Not this one, the life I didn’t choose.
And now I’m choosing Chase. One touch, one stroke, one kiss at a time.
I am free in his arms.
“You’re the most compelling person I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Chase says, finishing his thought.
“You barely know me,” I say, suddenly shy.
“I know everything I need to know,” he says in a low, smoky voice. His hardness presses into my belly and that moist warmth fills my nether regions, making me crave skin-to-skin contact. I think about my mussed bed upstairs and feel my face blush bright. I want a different kind of sweaty sleep, the kind where our bodies slip together like seals, where skin touches skin in frantic need, desire the only map we need to explore each other’s body.
Our eyes meet and his widen, then narrow. He sees my thoughts. He reads my mind. The palm cradling my ass clenches and his fingers tighten.
Chase takes my mouth with a roughness that wasn’t there seconds ago. Urgent and frenzied, he pushes so hard I wonder if I’ll have bruises along my lip line in the morning. I don’t care, though, because I push right back. Needy and craving more of his taste, his fingers, his skin against mine, I block out all the ways I know I’m supposed to act and I give in to what I feel.
A groan pours out of the back of Chase’s throat as I grind against him, my belly pulling up along the rigid, thick shaft that runs under his jeans. I’ve never touched a man there before. Never seen one naked. It’s not for lack of interest, I just...never have.
Now, though, I can’t wait.


Meli Raine rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family. 
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