★Falling for my Brothers best Friend by J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper ★


“So I need to talk to you.” Xander moved closer to me on the couch as Liv got up to use the bathroom. My heart raced as his voice lowered and I felt him next to me. What was he doing? Was he going to make a move on me? What sort of woman did he think I was? Did he really think I was going to let him come on to me when he was dating my best friend?

“About?” I looked up at him wearily and his green eyes looked amused as he gazed at me. Oh God, please don’t tell me you want me to experience your miracle tongue as well, please do not make me have to slap you.

“What are you thinking, Alice?” He said softly, a small smile on his face as I glared at him.

“Liv is my best friend and I will tell her if you do anything inappropriate.” I made a face at him and then took a deep breath. “And then she’ll leave you and you’ll—”

“Alice.” He cut me off as he rolled his eyes. He looked as if he wanted to laugh at me. “I need to tell you something and I don’t want Liv to hear. Not because I’m trying to hit on you, but because I don’t want to make her uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable how?” I asked him suspiciously.

“It’s about Aiden.”

“What about Aiden?” I frowned and leaned forward as my heart raced. What did he have to tell me about Aiden that he couldn’t say in front of Liv?

“I think Aiden is a Dom.”

“Say what?” My eyes widened as he spoke.

“I think Aiden is a dominant.”

“What?” I screeched as I stared at him. My face was reddening as I thought about Aiden with a whip in his hand and me lying across his lap. Wait, could that even work? And would I even want him to use a whip? I chewed on my lower lip as my mind raced. Maybe I’d just be on his lap and he could use his hand. Yes, that was more preferable to a whip.

“A dominant is a someone who takes a superior position in the bedroom and—” Aiden interrupted my thoughts and I blushed as a dart of embarrassed heat spread through my body.

“I know what a Dom is.” My face reddened. “I’ve been around town you know.” Well, I’ve kinda been around town. I’ve never been with a guy that was into much experimental play, not that I haven’t tried but well it’s just never worked out for me.

“Okay, Alice.” Xander answered me smugly.

“Why do you think he’s a Dom?” I asked him curiously, my heart racing quickly again. This time in excitement. Had Aiden told Xander that he wanted me to be his submissive? I wasn’t sure what I’d say to that. I’m not exactly the submissive type. I think I talk too much and I don’t take orders well. In fact, I like to order men around. Especially in the bedroom; I like to let a man know what I want very clearly.

“Shh.” Xander shook his head. “Keep your voice down. I don’t want Liv to know.”

“Why not?”

“Would you want to know if your brother was a Dom?”

“I don’t have a brother.” I shrugged.

“Would you want to know if Liv was a Dom or a Sub?”

“She would tell me.” I shrugged and then grinned at him. “We share all of that information.”

“Hmmm.” He frowned for a second and then shook his head. “Well, I don’t think that is something Liv wants to think about her brother doing.”

“What?” I laughed. “Spanking women?” I winked and I was almost positive that I’d made Xander blush. I had said spanking on purpose of course. Liv had told me that Xander had a penchant for giving her a quick spank before doing doggy-style, though I wasn’t going to tell him I knew that. Not in an even more obvious way, anyway. I wasn’t sure that he’d be happy knowing I knew intimate details about their sex lives. At least not if the frown on his face was any indication.

“I don’t know what he does exactly.” Xander grinned. “But it seems like you would be into that, huh?”

“Into what?” I frowned and looked down, not wanting him to see the eagerness in my face.

“The kinky stuff.” He said with a light in his eyes. “Maybe that’s a way for you to entice him.” He said softly. “Let him know you’re down for experimenting.”

“Ooh.” I nodded thoughtfully. Maybe Xander had a point. Maybe Aiden was being weary because he didn’t know if I’d be interested in getting down and dirty in all sorts of different ways. Maybe I needed to show him I could be a sub. Not that I’d make a great one, but I could try. And maybe I could be a great one. I was great after-all. And I had skills. Though, I didn’t know if the skills I had were the sort of skills I needed to be a sub. I wondered what I would have to wear as a sub. Would he have me in leather chaps? Would he expect me to wear nipple clamps? I cringed as I thought about the pain I’d feel wearing nipple clamps. The sex had better be good if I was going to wear nipple clamps. I’d have to look them up online or maybe even go to a sex store. I’d convince Liv to go with me. Maybe I could pick up a sexy outfit or some toys that I’d casually let Aiden see the next time I saw him. I could let some handcuffs fall out of my bag the next time I saw him or something.

“Alice, you okay?” Xander’s voice sounded concerned and I looked up at him with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, I spaced out a little bit.” I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I was getting carried away already. Even if it was only in my mind. I couldn’t wait to speak to Liv about what Xander had told me. Though, I wouldn’t tell him that I was going to tell her. I’m not sure what Xande
r was thinking, but how could he possibly think I wasn’t going to tell Liv? We told each other everything. There was no way I was keeping this to myself. I was going to let Aiden see that I could be the best sub he could ask for and Liv was going to help me.


He’s devastatingly handsome, sexy, arrogant and he’s out of reach.

He’s my best friend’s brother and the one man I can’t have.

However, now that my best friend Liv is getting married, I’m seeing him more than ever.

And he’s doing things to me that are making it hard for me to forget him.
Or that night we had years ago.
The night neither of us wants to talk about.
The night I really want to talk about. We both vowed to keep our secret.
It’s just getting harder and harder to keep it to myself.
I need to come up with a plan.
And I need to come up with it now because every weekend it’s getting harder and harder to tell myself that I’m not falling for my best friend’s brother.

Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother features Alice and Aiden from One Night Stand, but you do not need to read that book to enjoy this one.
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This is a new standalone book featuring Alice and Aiden from
 One Night Stand!!

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