Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother: The Last Teaser by JS.Cooper & Helen Cooper

Enjoy the last teaser!! :)
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“What’s this?” I picked up a smaller black book with the title The Marquis De Sade.
“It’s a biography on The Marquis.”
“Oh are you interested in him then?”
“Do you mean am I interested in sadomasochism?” He asked in a light tone and I nodded.
“No.” He shook his head. “Don’t get me wrong, I can do a little candle wax, but that’s as far as I’m willing to push it.”
“Ooh, okay.”
“Bondage and Dominance is another story though.” He winked at me and my jaw dropped as he walked back over to the coffee table and opened the bottle of wine. “Here you go.” He handed me a glass of red wine and I took a large gulp as my heart was racing and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep my hands off of him for much longer.
“Thank you.” I said and watched as he took a small sip of his wine.
“Music?” He asked and walked over to his TV stand and pulled out his phone. “What would you like to listen to?”
“Garth Brooks, please.” I smiled at him sweetly and he laughed.
“Sure.” He said and I looked at him in surprise as he placed his phone on his iPhone dock and the strumming of guitar strings boomed out from his speakers. I looked at him in shock as I heard Garth’s voice crooning into the room as his hit song, “Friend’s in Low Places” played.
“You actually own a Garth Brooks song?”
“Why of course.” He winked at me and moved closer towards me. “Would you like to dance?”
“To this?” I was shocked once again.
“You don’t think I can hoedown?”
“No.” I laughed.
“Well, you’re wrong.” He handed me his glass and started moving back and forth. I watched as he danced to the song and my jaw dropped as he did a spin around.
“Oh my God, Aiden Taylor you surprise me every single day.” I laughed.
“Put the glasses down.” He grabbed them from me and placed them on the table and then grabbed my hands and started moving with me around the room. “I got friends.” He sang and looked at me and my heart thudded.
And this time, it was not in a sexual way. This time it was the booming of love in my heart. This time, my heart was racing because the moment was so perfect and Aiden was the perfect man for me.
“Okay, my choice now.” He broke away from me and I watched as he walked over to his phone and selected another song. I stood there in anticipation and waited to hear what song he had chosen.
“Sam Cooke?” I said with a smile as the singer’s smooth voice crept into the room and caressed our ears. “Only Sixteen?”
“Yes.” He grabbed my hands again and pulled me towards him so that we were slow dancing. He sang into my ear and we moved along to the music, our bodies pressed into each other. “Only Sixteen.” He sang along with the song and suddenly I was transported back to when I was sixteen.
“Do you remember when you taught me how to waltz?” I asked him softly and he looked down at me with a grin.
“How could I forget? You almost broke my toes.” He teased me.
“No, I didn’t.” I laughed. “You almost broke mine.”
“I wasn’t sure why you were asking me to teach you how to waltz.”
“I wanted to know in case a guy asked me to dance at Homecoming.”
“You were sixteen and in high school.” He laughed. “No guy was going to ask you to waltz.”
“I didn’t know that.” I laughed. “That was my first dance. I thought it would be like Dirty Dancing.”
“You must have been disappointed then.” He grinned and swung me back.
“Just a little.” I nodded. “But only because Patrick Swayze wasn’t there.”
“Oh no, how could he stand you up?”
“I don’t know.” I said and he held me closer to him. “He didn’t even get to see the new skills I’d learned.”
“Skills I was happy to teach you, by the way.”
“You didn’t seem happy.”
“Oh, I was very happy.”
“Really?” I raised an eyebrow at him and he stopped moving at looked at me.
“Oh I was very very happy.” He grinned. “Almost as happy as I am now.”
“Oh, why is that?” I asked and moaned slightly as he brought me into him even closer. I could feel something hard next to my stomach and I wasn’t sure if it was his belt buckle or something else. Well, if I’m honest, I was pretty sure it was something else. Something just waiting to have some fun with me.
“I’m happier now because we’re both adults.” He leaned into me as his hands moved down to my ass and cupped my butt cheeks.
“Why is that?” I asked again and moved my face closer to his, and closed my eyes. I was so anxious to feel his lips on mine that I moved my arms up and hung them loosely around his neck.
“So I could do this.”
The End of the last Teaser
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