New Release - Beneath Innocence (A Deception Novella) by Ker Dukey & D.H Sidebottom


Title: Beneath Innocence
   (A Deception Novella)
Authors: Ker Dukey & D.H Sidebottom
Release Date: January 28, 2015


You met Jenson and Blue in the BESTSELLING title Façade, now you can continue their journey in the Deception series Novella, Beneath Innocence.
We all say we'd kill for the one we love, but would we?
I did.
And I took great satisfaction in doing it as painfully and gruesomely as possible. He paid for what he did to Blue.... My girl,  the only girl who could ever steal my heart.
Did it get me anywhere?
Oh yeah.
I fell onto a path of self-destruction. I reserved myself a spot in hell. And Blue left.
When someone kills for you, you owe them everything,  even your life. I couldn't even give him my heart.
Because I didn't deserve for him to protect it for me.
Instead,  I hid away, made some wrong choices and watched from afar as the man I loved fell in love with someone else.


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