Cover Reveal: Excerpt + Giveaway - Forever You're Mine by K. Langston

Title: Forever You're Mine
Series: MINE Series
Author: K. Langston


Cannon Jacobs has a past he wants to forget. The former navy seal and national hero has seen his fair share of death and despair, and he would love nothing more than to escape the hell that tortures him. But no matter how hard he tries, Cannon has never been able to quiet the angry demons inside of his head. 

Then he met her. 

Cora Daniels’ life has never been pretty. Actually, it's been downright ugly at times. But when you come from the trailer park, and your mother’s reputation is nothing more than a stain on your name, it makes it hard to believe you’ll ever find true happiness. Yet, Cora lives with the hope that someday, she’ll find the kind of love she deserves. 

The real kind.

Sometimes the love you find is not the kind you hoped for. 

Sometimes…it’s more. 

You never know when love will come along and change...everything.



Mile after mile took us closer to reality. Closer to the time when I would have to drop her off and go back home. Alone. And why the hell did that bother me? I’ve never had a problem being alone. Being alone meant I didn’t have to share my past. Being alone meant I didn’t have to see the pain and disappointment in her eyes when she found out I was nothing but a broken man with a selfish heart that could never love her the way she deserved to be loved.
But now, it’s like everything had changed. The last several hours had been… amazing. I would never use the word on the regular, but it was the only way to describe it. Despite the reasons we spent the day together, it was incredible. Realization slammed into the thick wall surrounding my heart.
Cora meant something to me.
That was a scary fucking thing.
"Cannon, look out!" The moment the words shredded her throat, I saw the small white ball of fur and jerked the wheel in the opposite direction. My heart froze in my chest, forgetting that it needed to beat in order for me to regain control of the truck. Aiming for the median, I slammed on the brakes, and as soon as the tires met dirt, we skidded to a breath robbing stop.
"Fuck!" Fear and adrenaline pumped mercilessly through my veins. Leaning over, I assessed Cora. Thank God, she had her seatbelt on. "You ok?" I pushed her hair from her face.
Nodding, she sucked back a deep breath. "I’m fine. Are you ok?"
"I’m good. What the fuck, Cora? You can’t scream like that while I’m rolling eighty miles an hour down the damn interstate!" I shouted.
Cora flinched and I immediately wished I had bit my tongue. She looked downright distraught. "The puppy."
She unfastened her seatbelt and barreled out of the truck just as an 18 wheeler flew by. "Goddamn it, Cora. What the hell are you doing?"
"We can’t just leave it out here. The poor baby will get hit."
"Get in the truck now before you get hit." I ordered as she walked onto the shoulder of the highway.
"Not until we find him."
Fuck me.
Fuck me. Fuck her. Fuck the damn dog that nearly killed us.
Another 18 wheeler flew by, whipping golden locks of hair all around her face. She stumbled two steps backward. "Get your ass in the truck and I’ll find the damn dog."
Spinning in place, I spotted the little shit cowering near the guard rail. The damn thing couldn’t be no more than a few months old. "Shhh…it’s ok." I soothed as I gathered the frightened little mutt in my arms. Quickly checking, I discovered she was female.
All white with a patch of dark grey on her chest. "It’s ok, girl." She shivered in my arms.
"Oh my God," Cora said, stroking the dirt streaked coat.
"I thought I told you to get in the truck,"
Completely ignoring me, she gently took the puppy from my arms. "I can’t believe someone left you out here all alone. Poor thing. I’ll take care of you sweet baby. It’ll be ok." Cora cooed and my heart did some kind of flip flop bullshit in my chest. I found it difficult to breathe. Impossible to think. What the hell was she doing to me?
Back on the road, ten miles from home, she finally put it all into perspective. "My mom won’t let me keep her, Cannon. She never let us have pets growing up." Cora’s voice was so sad and barely came in a whisper. "Can Hope stay with you until I figure out something else?"
"Hope? You already named her?"
"Yeah, she has a heart shaped patch on her chest. She’s definitely a sign of hope."
"She could have killed us."
"But what if she saves us?"
Six words, one by one branded themselves on my heart, bringing it back to life. One word stood out among the rest.
If only she were right.
One can only hope.


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