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Crossing the Ice (Ice #1)
by Jennifer Comeaux
Release Date: 08/03/14
Narrated by: Emily Stokes
Length: 9 hrs and 5 mins 

Summary from Goodreads:

Falling hard never felt so good.

Pair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream. They vow not to let anything get in their way, especially not Josh and Stephanie, the wealthy and talented brother and sister team.

The heart doesn’t always listen to reason, though...

The more time Courtney spends with sweet, shy Josh, the harder she falls for him. But they are on opposite sides of the competition, and their futures are headed in opposite directions. Will their friendship blossom into more or are their paths too different to cross?

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Guest Post by Jennifer Comeaux 
Finding a Narrator

When I first heard about Amazon’s ACX program that allows authors to create audiobooks of their titles for no charge, I was so excited. I thought it would be so cool to hear Crossing the Ice come to life and to be able to have full control over the project. My first book Life on the Edge was produced as an audiobook, but I didn’t have the ability to choose the narrator. I knew for Crossing the Ice I wanted a young, sweet, and slightly sassy voice for the narrator since the story is told from twenty-one-year-old Courtney’s point of view.
Once I input my narrator criteria on ACX, there were so many voices from which to choose. One of the first ones I listened to was that of Emily Stokes. I was immediately impressed by her soothing tone, and her young, fresh voice sounded absolutely perfect for Courtney. I sent her a message asking if she would like to audition for my book, and she happily accepted. While she prepared a recording of the script I’d sent, I reached out to a couple of other narrators for auditions so I would have a few options.
When I received Emily’s audition recording, I was even more excited. I loved how she did Josh’s voice. It wasn’t an exaggerated deep voice like I’ve heard other narrators do for male characters. I looked up Emily’s website and Facebook to see what her background was, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw she was from Covington, Louisiana – the city where I work! Even more unbelievable, she knew the cover artist of Crossing the Ice from high school. It was such a crazy coincidence! Emily currently lives in New York City, where she is pursuing her singing and acting dreams. She has an amazing singing voice, as you can hear in this scene from West Side Story .
Producing the audiobook with Emily was such a fun process, and I hope to work with her again on Losing the Ice, the sequel to Crossing the Ice. The novella will be out in February!

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Character Profile – Josh Tucker

Josh Tucker is a 22-year-old pair skater from Los Angeles, California. Besides his love of figure skating, here are some of his other favorites!

Color: Blue
Song: Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 by Muse
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Actor: Matt Damon
Movie: Ocean’s Eleven
City: Malibu
Ice Cream: peanut butter and chocolate
Chocolate Bar: Hershey’s Special Dark
Fruit: bananas
Drink: Coke
Pizza: Pepperoni Supreme
Magazine: Entertainment Weekly
Flower: Red rose
Store: Gap
Number: 7
Non-Skating Sport: Hockey
Animal: Horses
School Subject: Music
Food: Burgers
Type of Music: A little bit of everything from alternative rock to classical.

Character Profile – Courtney Carlton

Courtney Carlton is a 21-year-old pair skater from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Besides her love of figure skating, here are some of her other favorites!

Color: Green
Song: Over the Rainbow
TV Show: Friday Night Lights
Actor: Joshua Jackson
Movie: The Wizard of Oz
City: Boston
Ice Cream: chocolate hazelnut gelato
Chocolate Bar: Mint Chocolate Aero Bar
Fruit: Strawberries and bananas
Drink: Chocolate milk
Pizza: Veggie
Magazine: People
Flower: Hydrangea
Store: TJ Maxx
Number: 8
Non-Skating Sport: Football
Animal: Cats
School Subject: Psychology
Food: Dessert
Type of Music: Everything from rap to Disney tunes.

About the Author

Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is travelling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! Visit for contact information and to learn more about her books.

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