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Gingerbread Man – Episode 1
A Nursery Rhyme Suspense
By Lee Strauss
Mystery Sci-fi/ Romantic Suspense

FRINGE meets CASTLE in this New Adult Sci-fi Mystery Suspense.

College girl meets boy online.
A killer targets girls like her.
She's next on the list.
The boy wants to save her.
She thinks it's him.

It's worse than they both think.

RUN RUN RUN is the first part of a three part episode - Gingerbread Man - in the romantic suspense series, A Nursery Rhyme Suspense by Amazon best-selling author Lee Strauss. 

Episode release dates:
1) Run Run Run - December 31
2) As Fast As You Can - January 7
3) You Can't Catch Me - January 14

Gingerbread Man (ep 1-3) complete - January 28

RUN RUN RUN is available for PREORDER on Amazon!

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Zed was the cautious optimist of our duo. I accepted the soda with a doubtful glance. “I hope you’re not suggesting we go to the fall social.”
He sat at his desk hitting the edge with his knobby knees, and spilled Coke on his crouch. “Dang! And of course not. Guys who go to events like that eat guys like us alive.”
An optimist with a healthy dose of reality. I averted my eyes as Zed removed his soiled jeans and awkwardly hopped into a pair of sweats. He made this ordinary task seem difficult and it was hard to watch. I closed my eyes. “Okay, Marlow Henry,” I thought to myself, “this is your new reality. Let’s make the most of it.”
“Gotta head out,” I said. I stuffed my wallet into my pocket. “Outta supplies.”
Zed snorted. “You buying toilet paper?”
“Among other things. Like food.”
“Bring me back something.”
I stared at him over my glasses. “Show me the money.”
Zed scooped some change from the top of his desk and filled my palm. “No tomatoes.”
I returned a while later with grub. I threw the TP into the bathroom. We moved to the common lounge to eat. Our room was so small Zed and I would practically knock elbows if we ate in there.
We were halfway through our sandwiches when Paul and Steve, fellow dorm nerds we met on the first night we moved in, blew into the common room all excited.
“We were just leaving the library when a couple cop cars pulled up,” Paul said.
I sat up. “What happened?”
“A girl was raped in a the park behind the library. The university is under investigation.”
“That’s terrible.” I checked my watch. Teagan time. I returned to my dorm room, logged into the chat room and waited. I grew antsy. Where was she? She was usually there this time of night. She hadn’t gone to the library this afternoon, had she?
@averagegeek99 to @art4ever: Are you there?



Read all three episodes by January 14 or wait until January 28 for the compete boxed set.

(episodes 1-3 complete)

Preorder on AMAZON

Lee Strauss Interview Questions  
Gingerbread Man

Q: How did you get the idea for A Nursery Rhyme Suspense Series?
A: My husband and I were in London researching for a couple of books in my romance series, and while walking around we started talking about the story idea that led to Run Run Run. I wish I could remember exactly what triggered the idea, but unfortunately, that tidbit is lost. It was sometime later that I decided to work with the Nursery Rhyme theme.
Q: Why are you writing it in episodes and not just one long book?
A: Short answer: The story suits the episodic format. Each episode is told in a different manner and isn’t streamlined enough to flow as one narrative. Think about how TV shows work. Long answer: See my guest post blog on Why Serials?
Q: What genres do you write?
A: I write two main genres. Science Fiction/Dystopian with strong mystery, suspense and romantic elements. A Nursery Rhyme Suspense and The Perception Series fit here. I also write Contemporary Romance, primarily The Minstrel Series, which is set in the singer-songwriter world.
Q: You also write under a pen name?
A: I do. I write lighter YA fantasy as Elle Strauss
Q: Tell us a bit about your person life.
A: I was born in a suburb of Chicago. I split my time between Kelowna, BC Canada and Dresden Germany. I’ve been married for 27 years and have four grown children. My husband is a musician and works a lot in Europe, which is why we live there for half of the year.
Q: How long have you been writing?
A: I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t start writing until my early thirties.
Q: Are you a cat or a dog person?
A: Definitely cat. J
Q: What are you working on next?
A: I’m working on Row Row Row Your Boat, the next installment in A Nursery Rhyme Suspense, and as Elle Strauss I’m working on the 5th book in The Clockwise Series.
Q: Where can we find out more about you and your books?
A: Everything you’d like to know about my books and how to follow me on social media can be found at .


I write mixed genre Romance, most recently The Minstrel Series.
I also write fun, lower YA fiction (time-travel and fantasy) as ELLE Strauss. I divide my time between BC, Canada and Dresden, Germany and enjoy drinking coffee and eating chocolate in both places.

Author links: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads

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